Over the past month, I’m sure many of us have learned more about our clients and colleagues than we ever thought we’d know — what their kitchens look like, that their kids wear princess pajamas, that they have two dogs that bark at every noise…the list goes on.

What used to be the dreaded video conference from home has become the new normal. But, why weren’t we doing more of these before? OK, maybe not from our kitchen table with kids running around, but why were we not using technology options more with clients and colleagues? We can work differently…better.

One thing COVID-19 is doing is making us a stronger company. We are making decisions faster, we are using technology better, and we are getting past our attitudes about change. Is the same happening for you?

Technology Creates More Avenues for Us to Communicate

All organizations can look at this as an opportunity to become better than before COVID-19. We are continuing to deliver our high level of service in new ways…more efficient ways. I love seeing how our teams are being creative and innovative for the benefit of our clients and company.

We are talking more often to our customers by phone and video than we have for years. Our clients are grateful for our proactive communications (hopefully you’re one of them!).

Remote work environments and social distancing have halted our ability to have face-to-face meetings, but they haven’t stopped us from delivering timely renewal proposals and ART Reports to clients or eliminated our ability to discuss important insurance and business decisions we would have done in person.

Our teams are now using technology we’ve had available for years (but took for granted) to ensure valuable and personal communication with clients.

Although colleagues aren’t currently able to stand up and talk to the person next to them, COVID-19 hasn’t taken away our ability to collaborate. We are using technology in new ways for:

Not only have employees created new ways to better connect with clients, they’ve done the same for connecting and collaborating as a team.

COVID-19 also created a change as we’ve lost the personal connections that comes from an office environment. Technology has helped us better ensure the wellbeing of our employees now working from home.

Thankfully at Holmes Murphy, we live our motto “Thinking Ahead.” Although I’m not sure any organization was fully prepared for COVID-19, we were able to quickly move to a remote work environment with no disruption in the service we provide to you — our clients.

I am proud of how our team not only adapted to but quickly created new, better, and more efficient ways to work. “Better Tomorrow Than Yesterday” is one of our Holmes Murphy Aspirations, and we are living it out now more than ever. We are being intentional. We are being empowered. We are making a tomorrow better for our clients, stakeholders, employees, and company.

Do you feel the same? Are you finding the positives during this trying time as well? We’d love to hear from you! And as always, we’re trying to keep you updated with the latest information on the pandemic. Check out our COVID-19 Resource Center for new and upcoming webinars and downloadable resources.