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  • We Are Holmes Murphy: Two employees smiling over a Holmes Murphy laptop.
    We Are Holmes Murphy
  • Susan Hatten and Tom Stewart smiling together in business professional clothes.
    Holmes Murphy Foundation
  • Agricultural Equipment Insurance
    Agricultural Equipment Insurance
  • Bill Magee standing tall in a button down shirt.
    Analytics & Underwriting
  • Paula Dixon in a black turtleneck and chunky necklace smiling.
    Architects and Engineers
  • Stephanie Manning in a purple blouse
    Captive Insurance
  • James Charlesworth in a dark suit.
    Charlesworth Consulting
  • Rod Miner sitting in conversation.
  • Stephanie Marvelli sitting in conversation.
    Client Experience
  • Mike Curtis in a blue striped suit smiling
    Complex Property
  • Holmes Murphy Compliance Experts smiling at the camera
  • Nola Cartmill smiling
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Charisse Vaughn sitting in conversation.
    Employee Benefits
  • Brooks Deibele is smiling
    Employee Benefits Brokerage Services
  • Miles
  • Monica Minkel in conversation.
    Executive Risk
  • Rich Jungman
  • Dan Keough talking about BTV and innovation.
    Innovation/BrokerTech Ventures
  • Chris Murphy sitting in conversation.
    Loss Control
  • Manufacturing
  • Madelyn Newland in a simple but elegant black top smiling with her hand on her hip.
    Private Risk
  • Property Casualty Brokerage Services
    Property Casualty Brokerage Services
  • Public Entity
    Public Entity
  • Sean O'Hare sitting in conversation.
    Small Business
  • Lauren Roth in an elegant white blouse in front of an Avant backdrop.
    Specialty Benefits
  • Surety Bonds
    Surety Bonds
  • Ben Tebo sitting and smiling
    Third-Party Claims

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