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Real Estate

Real Coverage for Your Real Estate

Rising insurance costs and the frequency of severe weather has hit the real estate market especially hard. You need an insurance partner who knows the industry and advocates for your success.

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Straightforward Solutions for a Complex Industry

  • Real Estate Expertise
    Our team’s depth of experience is extensive. With real knowledge of the industry, we understand that real estate companies face a variety of different risk exposures.
  • Protection From Loss
    We specialize in comprehensive loss control procedures that involve meticulous inspections across all risk areas. Our approach is distinguished by expert-level site tours, ensuring a thorough and insightful examination of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Admitted Market Capacity
    We strive to enhance our understanding of the current market, and we are constantly working towards finding a solution to get clients the best possible rates.
  • Custom-Tailored Solutions
    Our ability to design specific solutions for our clients’ risk tolerance is supported by our understanding of the market and your unique needs.
Personalized Real Estate Insurance Coverage From Holmes Murphy

Real estate companies play a pivotal role in shaping the environments where we live, work, and seek essential services. Whether it’s a multifamily residence, a bustling retail store, or a state-of-the-art medical office complex, these entities are the architects of our daily lives ensuring a roof over the heads of individuals across diverse settings. With rising insurance rates and historically high construction costs, we understand how limited market options create new levels of stress and difficulty in managing your anticipated losses.

At Holmes Murphy, we know you need help in these difficult times. This is why our team of experts is here to deliver creative solutions to avoid risk and ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Real Estate FAQs

Can Holmes Murphy assist in complex real estate transactions, like mergers and acquisitions?

Yes, our expertise goes beyond optimizing your coverage. We help clients navigate complex transactions, ensuring that your insurance aligns with your evolving portfolio and business structure.

Can you help protect against tenant-related risks like lease disputes or property damage?

We offer specialized coverage options, such as landlord insurance, to safeguard your real estate investments from tenant-related liabilities.

In the event of a natural disaster or major property damage, what can we expect in terms of claims support?

We prioritize claims support to help you recover and minimize disruptions to your business, ensuring a prompt and efficient claims process.

What sets Holmes Murphy apart in providing legal guidance for real estate challenges?

At Holmes Murphy, our unique advantage lies in a dedicated team of legal professionals embedded within our team. This synergy enables us to deliver not just insurance solutions, but holistic legal guidance tailored to your real estate needs.

Does Holmes Murphy specialize in Builder’s Risk policies and projects?

Absolutely! Holmes Murphy is a leader in navigating the intricacies of Builder’s Risk policies. Our dedicated team possesses unmatched expertise in tailoring solutions for construction projects, ensuring comprehensive coverage and risk mitigation.


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