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Clinical Wellbeing

Connecting People to Care

Traditional care management creates roadblocks for people accessing and receiving healthcare, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Holmes Murphy has the strategies and tools to connect people to quality care and minimize barriers.

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Helping You Lower Cost & Improve Lives

  • Simplifying Healthcare
    How do you lower the trajectory of healthcare spending? Holmes Murphy connects people to the highest quality care while minimizing barriers.
  • All-Encompassing Clinical Strategy
    Our proprietary CLUE reporting system exists to provide an in-depth analysis on the health of your population — combining both financial and clinical measures — to determine what solutions will make the most impact.
  • Plunging Into Clinical Wellbeing Programs
    The most successful organizations integrate health fully into their culture to enhance the employee experience, empower people to bring their best self to work, and engage their organizational purpose more holistically.
Learn More About Why Clinical Wellbeing is Essential to Thriving

Clinical health is an essential component of wellbeing. We help the most successful organizations integrate health fully into their culture to enhance the employee experience. Holmes Murphy can help you take your first steps towards clinical wellbeing programs, which help support your employees’ mental, emotional, and physical health. With the right balance of support, your company can show exponential improvement in reducing the risk of long-term health problems.

Holmes Murphy helps your company thrive. Our clinical wellbeing strategy team takes a detailed and proactive approach in analyzing our clients’ health. Some of the tools we use to get the best results include:

  • High-powered data warehouse
  • Comprehensive reporting library
  • Best-in-class program strategy, design, and measurement
  • Strategic clinical vendor solutions and recommendations
  • Integrating culture and organizational engagement

In addition to these tools, our clinical strategy team has CLUE. CLUE, or our Clinical Learning and Understanding Engine, provides an in-depth analysis of our clients’ population. Through clinical intervention gap analyses, biometric reporting, comprehensive utilization, and more, our proven team is dedicated to providing you with the insights needed to make key decisions and develop comprehensive employee benefits strategies.

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Clinical Wellbeing FAQs

How does Holmes Murphy help lower the cost of healthcare?

Connecting people to care is our thing. We believe that the highest quality healthcare matters and is essential to driving down healthcare costs and improving lives.

How does Holmes Murphy simplify the healthcare system?

We understand that healthcare navigation and literacy are complex and essential to ensuring that people get the healthcare they need when they need it. Our team collaborates with vendors, carriers, and other organizations to help reduce this complexity.


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