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Workers’ Compensation

Prepare for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation is a necessity for nearly all businesses. Sometimes frustrating and costly, claims can impact your business, but you don’t have to navigate the process alone.

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Workers’ Compensation Starts With Risk Management

  • Preventing Loss, Maximizing Safety
    The best workers’ compensation loss is the one that never happens. We help locate your largest areas of risk and determine how to manage them.
  • Know What to Expect
    We understand your business, your exposure, and your risk appetite to find the best insurance solutions.
  • A Loss Has Occurred. Now What?
    Our goal is to see you receive the best in claim service, which includes proper claim strategies, decisions, evaluations, and outcomes.
Why Holmes Murphy’s Workers’ Compensation Solutions are Right for You

Holmes Murphy approaches workers’ compensation in more ways than just purchasing insurance. Our team of experts review and ensure the appropriate exposure is being considered when placing your insurance, including correct industry, number of employees, and wage details as well as your risk appetite and unique needs to provide the strongest options and best long-term fit.   

Going Beyond Traditional Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

Holmes Murphy strives to understand your business, your needs, and your past experiences to identify opportunities to improve all various areas of risk. This includes assisting your risk management leaders in locating loss drivers and creating strategies to avoid or minimize those risks. We have seasoned risk experts and resources that not only focus on what has occurred in the past but look ahead to see possible new areas of risk and emerging trends.  

While the goal is to never have an injured employee, having a plan in place to manage such losses when they occur is crucial. Dedicated Holmes Murphy Claims professionals can assist in helping create that plan. Some of those features include but are not limited to:  

  • Return-to-work programs  
  • Medical provider selection 
  • A strong working relationship with your claim handlers  
  • Proper assistance in managing losses  

Let Holmes Murphy support your workers’ compensation plan and risk management. 

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Workers’ Compensation FAQs

What types of Workers’ Compensation insurance options does Holmes Murphy offer?

We provide a variety of coverage options, carrier partners, and risk levels that are designed to address a variety of needs from standard coverage to customized solutions specific to your industry and workforce.

Can Holmes Murphy help reduce worker injuries?

Holmes Murphy has both experts and online resources clients can use to analyze a problem and help design a solution.

How does Holmes Murphy assist in coordinating return-to-work programs?

We coordinate effective return-to-work programs for injured employees, facilitating a smoother transition back to their job roles, reducing downtime, and controlling workers’ compensation costs. Managing losses goes beyond just return-to-work, and Holmes Murphy Claims professionals can serve as your advocate.


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