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Manage Your Unique Risk

Public entity employers face unique challenges. You need an insurance broker who understands your business.

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Maximizing Our Expertise for Public Entities

  • Specialized Team
    We have dedicated Public Entity experts who understand your needs. Our team has experience in HR, third-party administration, ancillary vendors, and have worked with national medical insurance carriers.
  • Experienced Professionals
    We have extensive experience in dealing with complex purchasing requirements, are well-versed in working within a political landscape, and have delivered hundreds of presentations in front of councils, courts, and boards.
  • Additional Benefits
    We have a large internal team of subject matter experts to support your compliance, benefits consulting, actuarial, clinical programs, reporting, employee engagement and communication, and marketing needs.

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Holmes Murphy and Charlesworth Consulting Can Help

When you’re in the public eye, problems need to be fixed quickly and efficiently, and we’re ready to help you with your unique challenges anytime a crisis strikes.

The Holmes Murphy Public Entity and Charlesworth Consulting teams are the experts for your public entity needs. Discover the Holmes Murphy difference by contacting us for a consultation today.

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Charlesworth Consulting provides unbiased insurance consulting and risk management for public entities.
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Public Entity FAQs

What types of insurance coverage should you be considering as a public entity?

Some examples of coverages we typically recommend are General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Directors and Officers Liability, and Property insurance to protect against the wide array of risks public entities face.

How can Holmes Murphy help your public entity business minimize insurance costs?

We work with our clients to control costs by regularly reviewing policies, implementing risk management practices, and providing expert guidance on finding cost-effective solutions.


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