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Private Risk

Tailored Coverage for Your Unique Risk

It’s time to protect your family and legacy with a personalized risk program.

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Ensuring Peace of Mind

  • We Handcraft Solutions
    We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We handcraft custom solutions based on your private risks and exposures.
  • We Work to Understand You
    We invest in our clients by asking comprehensive questions, allowing our team to better understand what’s important to you and your family’s legacy.
  • Our Team is Your Team
    Our professional relationship with our clients intertwines with your personal life, and we feel privileged to advise and protect you.

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Support and Protection for Complex Lifestyles

Financially successful individuals and families often have complex lifestyles and a higher risk of insurable loss. When you’ve outgrown your existing insurance coverage, your wealth and lifestyle are vulnerable if a major accident, lawsuit, or other form of loss occurs.

At Holmes Murphy, we pride ourselves on tailoring risk management solutions to protect your family, assets, and lifestyle. From executive leadership to multi-generational planning, our comprehensive process will help find the right offering for your needs.

When you partner with us, you’ll feel a difference in our dedicated team of trusted individuals who understand just how quickly lives can change. Our process allows us to understand your lifestyle, family, risks, and assets to outfit a custom risk management solution. We will provide you a 360-degree review and an all-inclusive package that analyzes your current insurance coverage and offers our recommendations. We want what is best for you.

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Private Risk FAQs

What types of insurance coverages can Holmes Murphy write?

Holmes Murphy can provide coverages for Custom Homes, Luxury & Exotic Auto, Private Collections, Personal Excess Liability, Luxury Yacht & Marine, Private Aircraft, Travel Insurance, Kidnap & Ransom, Domestic Staff Workers’ Compensation, and Non-Profit D&O.

What states can Holmes Murphy write coverages in?

Holmes Murphy can write coverages in all 50 states.

When should you review your private risk?

It’s time for an evaluation if your private risk program isn’t reviewed annually, your umbrella coverage limit is significantly lower than your net worth, or your current program needs to be simplified.


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