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We’re Proactive So You Can Be Productive

Whether you’re a low- or high-hazard risk manufacturer, you manage a lot of moving parts that can put your company at risk. You need a partner who understands.

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Understanding & Caring for Your Business

  • The Right Fit for the Job
    Accessing the right risk management tools, solutions, and knowledge is essential to running your business efficiently, reaching consumers faster, increasing profits, and keeping your employees safe.
  • Customized Approach
    We take a customized approach to navigating market conditions for your best Property Casualty insurance needs, including alternate workers’ compensation programs, third-party certificate reviews, and policy checking and investigative cost benefit.
  • Extension of Your Team
    Holmes Murphy works as an extension of your risk management team to keep losses low, foster working relationships between your business and insurance claims adjusters, and better manage insurance to reduce costs.
  • Risk & Safety
    Our Risk & Safety team helps you avoid risk. We use tools, such as mock OSHA audits and classes, industrial hygiene monitoring, and incident investigation training to control the potential losses you may face as a manufacturing business.

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As the backbone of society, manufacturing companies drive economic research, development, innovation, exports, and middle-class jobs.

Many manufacturers are faced with unique risks, such as skilled labor and third-party vendor shortages. Additionally, manufacturing companies that are transitioning outdated processes and efficiencies through digital and automation advancements need to understand the risks associated with cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI).

Your unique potential and satisfaction are very important to us. Along with the delivery of a customized Impact Plan unique to your business, we discuss the best form and frequency of communication regarding areas that need extra focus, so your manufacturing business can keep running smoothly.

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Manufacturing FAQs

What are the benefits of having risk management tools in manufacturing?

Access to risk management tools helps your business run efficiently, reach customers faster, increase profits, and keep your employees safe.

What should a manufacturing risk management strategy include?

Manufacturing businesses should have a risk management strategy that includes employee injuries, liability lawsuits, property damage, cybersecurity threats, and equipment breakdown.

What does Holmes Murphy do for manufacturing businesses?

We work as an extension of your risk management team – keeping losses low, fostering working relationships between your business and insurance claims adjusters, and managing insurance to reduce costs.