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Targeted Programs Tailored to Your Unique Needs

When your coverage isn’t cutting it, an insurance program designed and administered by industry experts can help drive down your expense and loss ratios.

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Caring for Your Potential with Specialized Programs

  • Your Success is Our Goal
    By developing specialized insurance programs for your class or line of business, we can align rates, coverages, and services to deliver optimal cost of risk outcomes.
  • Expertise Across Industries
    Our goal is to be best-in-class within targeted markets. Our team and extensive network of experts have decades of experience in a variety of industries.
  • Efficient and Effective
    Our turnkey solutions can protect your capital and clients so you can operate more efficiently with improved cost effectiveness.
Get the Coverage You Need with Innovative Program Solutions

Innovative Program Solutions (IPS) is a full-service Program Administrator that ventures beyond conventional programs management to offer you a best-in-class experience with access to subject matter experts and services that empower you to focus on propelling your business into the future. With focused expertise, cutting-edge innovation, and functional capabilities beyond those of a traditional MGA, we can offer the coverage you need to protect your capital and clients.

Specialized Expertise

Our team and network collaboratively deliver expertise within targeted industries. We understand the unique risks and requirements of your business, and we want to hear directly from you about the challenges you’re seeking to overcome. By identifying pain points and opportunities to reduce your expense and loss ratios, we can design a program that addresses your needs and protect what matters most.

Innovative Mindset

Innovation is at the core of our mission. Leaders seeking a program to provide a solution to their coverage concerns know that they need think outside the box, and that’s what we’re here to do. Too often, traditional insurance perspectives misunderstand industries and their risks, resulting in a lack of coverage, lack of focused risk management resources, and unaffordable options. Our goal is to zero in on your actual exposure and design a program just for you. Thanks to our partnership with Holmes Murphy and BrokerTech Ventures, we’re on the forefront of the next generation of technological innovations — and we’ll leverage our resources to craft the best solution for you.

Functional Capabilities

From actuarial services, claims processing, risk and safety, underwriting, and more, we seek to fully integrate functional expertise beyond what most MGAs can offer. We’re committed to providing distinctive insight and value as we distinguish our approach to creating successful and sustainable partnerships with our clients and broker and carrier partners. Once we’ve designed your program, our comprehensive approach will deliver positive impact on your business and risk dynamics.

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IPS designs specialized programs for your unique coverage needs. Talk with an expert today!
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Programs FAQs

What are programs provided by MGAs?

Programs are an alternative distribution channel generally created for homogenous groups or classes of businesses or specific lines of business (e.g., auto, property, or umbrella). Programs developed for these groups of businesses or lines of business include targeted coverage and pricing approaches created specifically for the class as well as services tailored to the needs of the businesses.

How does IPS know which programs to write?

By getting to know our broker and carrier partners, we can identify pain points and opportunities to reduce expenses and losses with programs grounded in our industry expertise. We can offer insight, technology, distribution, and additional resources that many brokers and carriers don’t have the capacity to manage in-house. In addition to exposure expertise, IPS has a deep understanding of market need and demand, and our leaders are poised to create program solutions designed to address the risks and needs of a variety of industries.

What capabilities and services will IPS offer?
  • A cloud-based policy life cycle system to rate, quote, bind, issue, renew, and endorse transactions
  • Industry-specific and line of business underwriting expertise
  • Claims handling services using both Creative Risk Solutions (TPA) and partner TPA providers
  • Risk and Safety services leveraging the Holmes Murphy team
  • Actuarial perspectives in collaboration with our partner Actuarial Advisors
  • Innovation leveraging tools and technology within BrokerTech Ventures and other relationships
  • Program administration and management based upon decades of experience, relationships, and integrity


How does IPS help clients and broker and carrier partners?

We are committed to collaboratively aligning with all stakeholders to effectively address cost of risk for our clients and underwriting return for our carrier partners. We want to clarify industry related misperceptions through the use of innovation, technology, and understanding of emerging issues and trends to zero in on actual exposures and create solutions grounded in expertise to address those unique industry exposures. IPS develops holistic approaches for specialized classes of business to provide clients exactly what they need when they need it.

Are there any size or industry limitations for IPS programs?

We will write specialty programs centered around deep class/industry expertise. Our approach will leverage decades of experience within the Holmes Murphy organization and industry-specific expertise within IPS. We will also be building programs in collaboration with key long-term clients and industry concentrations, expertise, and growth rooted within the core of our geographic footprint and remaining well positioned for countrywide availability and distribution.

Program sizes and account sizes will vary depending upon industry group. Our primary focus is more about the specialization and expertise we can provide. Our experience is based on our team and the extensive network we can access within Holmes Murphy. Whether you’re looking for a partner with general expertise within your line of business or a deep understanding of your business class, our team can provide decades of experience and insight across targeted industries.


BrokerTech Ventures

BrokerTech Ventures is the first and largest broker-led insurtech ecosystem in the world.

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