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Petroleum Distributors & Retailers

Don’t Let Insurance Slow You Down

Petroleum distributors and retailers provide us with important infrastructure. You keep everyone on the move. With rising insurance costs and limited market options, you can’t afford to slow down. That’s where we come in.

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Fuel Your Possibilities

  • Protecting Your Business
    We focus on human capital and operations to improve, problem solve, and keep your business and employees safe.
  • Finding the Best Solution
    We take a customized approach to navigate market conditions for your best coverage, including alternate workers’ compensation programs, policy checking, cost benefit investigation, and captive insurance.
  • Providing Industry Expertise
    We know petroleum distributors and retailers inside and out, so we can help shape KPIs to increase control, reduce costs, and implement better efficiencies.
Not Your Average Insurance Broker

Petroleum distributors and retailers have been hit hard with labor shortages and rising costs. You deserve control and transparency where you can get it. Accessing the right risk management tools, solutions, and knowledge is essential to running your business efficiently and increasing profits.

At Holmes Murphy, we understand claims happen no matter how prepared your business is. That’s why our experts partner with you to build a solid foundation of risk management. We’ve served petroleum distributors and retailers since 1999 and understand the nuances. We aren’t just a normal insurance broker; we are your business partner.

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Why Holmes Murphy?

What makes Holmes Murphy different from other insurance brokers?

Petroleum Distributors & Retailers FAQ

What types of insurance coverage are essential for petroleum distributors and retailers?
  • Pollution- our proprietary Pollution Matrix provides a comprehensive analysis of your pollution exposure and provides options to transfer the risk.
  • Auto Liability- This is the largest risk for any company with wheels. Our Transportation Risk Assessment provided a detailed dive into the A-Z of a company’s fleet and how we can partner to help avoid and reduce claims. This includes monitoring of CAB/SAFER reports, fleet management, contractual liability, etc.
  • Slip, Trip, Fall and other customer-related incidents – our Operational Risk Assessment provides a scorecard to retailers on their strengths and areas of opportunity. We partner with operations to drive continuous improvement and leverage proven third parties to assist in this area.
How does Holmes Murphy provide support to minimize business disruptions for distributors and retailers during the claims process?

Each HMA client has a dedicated claim advocate who has specialized experience within the Petroleum Distribution and Retail industry. This experience and expertise save our clients time and money in the event of claims as part of a petroleum-related incident.

Can an insurance broker help petroleum distributors and retailers stay compliant with industry regulations?

Insurance plays a crucial role in mitigating regulatory risks. Holmes Murphy specializes exclusively within this space, and we are on the leading edge of changes in regulations and compliance-related matters. We proactively communicate these evolving issues and work aggressively to help our clients make any needed changes.

What considerations should distributors and retailers keep in mind when reviewing and renewing their insurance policies?

As your insurance broker, we want to help optimize your coverage while managing costs. This is a unique business that requires a nuanced approach to truly provide value. We have been hyper-focused within this space for nearly 25 years. During that time, we have partnered with many of the leaders within this industry. Those partnerships have led us to create many proprietary solutions that provide significant benefits. Like our clients, we are never comfortable. We are always focused on ways to improve how we can serve and add value to their operations.