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Property Casualty

Cover Your Unique & Unexpected Risks

Every company’s risks are different — your solutions should be too. Our framework helps us understand your business to craft a solution that fits your needs.

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What Makes Our Property Casualty Coverage Best in Class?

  • Tailored to Your Values
    We start with understanding what’s important to your company and what makes you unique, so we can deliver what matters most. It’s as much about who you are, as it is about what you do.
  • Covered Today & Tomorrow
    We think ahead so you’re prepared for tomorrow while also safeguarding yesterday’s events.
  • Analyze. Adjust. Repeat.
    We review your plan every year to make sure the coverage you have is still the coverage you need.

Our Understanding Approach Creates Solutions

One-size-fits-all strategies don’t work for insurance. Our approach helps us understand what you do and who you are, so we can better serve your needs.


Avoid losses from happening.
Reduce claims when they occur.
Transfer risk when possible.
Our Risk Management Program Works for You

Understanding your needs extends beyond coverage gaps and price to avoid, reduce, and transfer your losses to focus on your business, risk management, and potential.

After gathering a deep understanding of your business values, we engage our team to complete assessments in each risk management area:

  • Risk and Safety
  • Claims Advocates
  • Insurance Services

This allows us to weigh your risk management procedures with proven best practices and work to understand where you’ve already invested, where you may be struggling, and what holes may exist in your overall strategy.

Your Potential With a Customized Impact Plan

After learning more about what makes you tick, our team will collaborate to identify opportunities for greatest improvement in your customized Impact Plan to help you reach your full potential.

As a business owner, finding the right insurance partner can be a complicated process. Most companies tend to look at Property Casualty insurance based on what they’ve done before. As a result, coverage and program risk strategies lack alignment with business goals and change isn’t measured, impactful, or realized. At Holmes Murphy, we take the opposite approach. We create a unified program that will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

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Property Casualty FAQs

What can our Property Casualty team do for you?

Holmes Murphy invests time with our clients to form a continuous, long-term partnership. True to our goal in delivering potential, we complete our process on an annual basis to consistently address evolving goals and priorities within your risk management program.

What are additional benefits to working with Holmes Murphy?

Our process takes less time than conventional Property Casualty insurance industry methods, doesn’t require going to market, and is proven to make an impact.


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