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The U.S health insurance system is the most complicated consumer industry in the world, and it’s the most expensive. Employers and employees shouldn’t have to navigate it alone.

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  • Care for Your Employees & Business
    One core component of cost reduction and time-savings is providing your employees with the right benefits.
  • Solutions Designed for You
    Our proactive service approach offers a comprehensive suite of unique and inclusive employee benefits plans tailored to your needs.
  • The Right Employee Benefits Partner
    From first contact, you’ll notice our dedication to meeting your budget, timeline, and guidelines to help you reach your full potential.
Take a Deep Dive Into Holmes Murphy Employee Benefits

Caring for Your Employees and Business

How do you keep employee benefits costs down while caring for your employees?

Providing the right employee benefits offerings saves you money through disease prevention and early detection. By helping at-risk employees and developing condition-specific plans, employers save money and lives.

Your employees are multigenerational and complex human beings. Through extensive research, Holmes Murphy can help identify your employees’ needs, so you can spend your money and time on offerings that your employees will use and benefit from.

Plus, meeting your employees’ needs through your benefits and communication strategy often leads to employee retention and talent acquisition. Your benefits have the opportunity to shine, especially in tight labor markets.

We Strive to Understand.Fully.

We lean in to understand you – your employee population and business. Our consulting services and plans are adaptable to your needs, including:

  • Plan design
  • Compliance
  • The latest employee benefits delivery technology
  • Enrollment support and communication
  • Employee engagement
  • Budget analysis
  • Regular reporting and monitoring

Using a ground-breaking team-building exercise that is engineered to identify your “healthcare why,” Holmes Murphy conducts various opportunity assessments with your leadership team. Through our Core Values exercise, we capture the beliefs of your key leadership team and criteria of your organization around:

  • Financial responsibility
  • Provider quality
  • Personal behaviors
  • Healthcare accountability

While formulating short-term strategies may be necessary to address immediate issues, we want to work with you to develop long-range goals and programs. A long-term plan is needed to moderate the increases in healthcare costs, take advantage of leading-edge healthcare strategies, and improve communication and service to your employees.

Make the Most of Your Employee Benefits with the Right Partner

We’re confident you’ll see why we boast an amazing 97 percent client satisfaction rating in every facet of our Employee Benefits offerings.

With over 90 years of experience, we have longstanding relationships within the insurance industry and unmatched expertise, including having representatives on advisory councils for many of the national insurance carriers. We offer valuable insights into the strategic directions of insurers, industry innovations, and the national policy on healthcare. We’re here to assist your team in navigating the Employee Benefits landscape so you get the most value out of your benefits programs.

When you have confidence in your benefits program, it lets you focus on your purpose. At Holmes Murphy, it’s our purpose to help you find the peace of mind that lets you and your people achieve their full potential.

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Employee Benefits FAQs

What are the advantages of consulting services for employee benefits?

Our Employee Benefits consulting services offer expertise in navigating complex benefits options, ensuring a better understanding and selection of the most suitable plans for your employees. These services can lead to cost reduction, time-savings, and enhanced employee satisfaction.

How does the U.S. healthcare system impact the design of employee benefits plans?

The U.S healthcare system influences the design of employee benefits plans due to its structure, cost factors, and regulations. Employers are tasked with navigating this constantly changing healthcare system, balancing cost control while offering exceptional coverage to employees.

What is the importance of disease prevention in employee benefits packages?

Disease prevention in employee benefits packages is crucial for fostering a healthier workforce and enhancing productivity. By promoting preventive care services such as vaccinations, wellness programs, and regular health screenings, companies can mitigate health risks and lower long-term healthcare costs.


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