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Managing Your Unique Risk

Mining organizations need an insurance broker who understands the unique needs of your industry. Holmes Murphy can help.

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A Caring Partnership That Protects Your Business

  • We’re on Your Side
    We operate as an extension of your team to assess the unique risks associated with all aspects of mining.
  • Risk Management Expertise
    We offer onsite risk management expertise to help identify and mitigate hazards.
  • Relentlessly Informed
    We keep clients informed about changes in the insurance industry that affect you and your programs.
Navigating Risk to Find the Best Solution

At Holmes Murphy, we believe in avoiding, reducing, or transferring your unique risks. We do a deep dive to best understand your business. It is through this approach that we help mining clients navigate the complex landscape of insurance, whether it is:

  • Property risk
  • Workers’ compensation strategies
  • Auto and fleet exposures
  • Financial risks
  • Directors and Officers
  • Cyber Liability
  • Reclamation bond needs
  • Employee Benefits programs

Ultimately, our goal is to optimize your insurance coverages using what we learn about your company during the assessment process.

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Mining FAQs

What is the current environment for reclamation bonds in the Surety marketplace?

The Surety marketplace for any type of bond related to mining — whether it be reclamation, decommissioning, or permit bonds — remains narrow. There are a handful of players offering capacity that know the mining space. Some of the specialists beyond the large well-known Surety underwriters include DUAL North America, Applied Surety Underwriters, Amynta Surety Solutions, Skyward, and Ascot Insurance Company. Terms, conditions, and collateral requirements vary on each deal.

For publicly traded mining companies, what are the appropriate Directors and Officers limits that should be purchased?

We review a range of information including market cap, insider holdings, financial condition, and mergers and acquisitions (M&As) activities to design a limit structure unique to the needs of your organization.

How does Holmes Murphy contribute to lowering health insurance expenses through innovative approaches?

We offer a range of innovative ideas and programs designed to assist employers and their staff in mitigating healthcare expenses. This includes the implementation of Captive insurance programs and various other creative solutions.


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