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Your Insurance Claims Management Partner

Are you prepared if a commercial Property Casualty claim happens? We are! Holmes Murphy is well-positioned to ensure you’re up to speed on claims management and handling.

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Maximizing Outcomes

  • Understanding You
    We understand insurance and claims, but we are at our best when we get to know you and can strengthen your claims management process together.
  • Dedicated Team
    You will have Holmes Murphy Claims professionals dedicated to you, making it simple to know who to turn to in time of need. In addition, you’ll have access to our nationwide team, with nearly 500 total years of Property Casualty Claims experience.
  • Claims Expertise
    Many of our team members have claims adjudication experience, so we can provide a better understanding of your insurance coverage and the claims process. We also have expertise by lines of coverage, industries, and both internal and external attorneys to help drive decisions and favorable outcomes.

Meet Holmes Murphy Vice President of Commercial Claims Rod Miner

Holmes Murphy Property Casualty Claims Management for You

Insurance is simply payment for a promise. Not until a loss occurs does the insurance contract provide any value. A loss can impact your reputation, people, property, and livelihood. It is sensitive, very personal, and oftentimes, a key reason for keeping or changing an insurance carrier or broker relationship.

We believe a consistent, client-focused approach, grounded in expertise, is crucial in Property Casualty claims handling. This entails dedicated Claims professionals for clients, leveraging technology for transactional tasks, being both proactive and reactive based on client needs, and prioritizing impactful claims engagements. Our Claims Consultants embody a blend of interpersonal skills and insurance knowledge, emphasizing critical thinking, advocacy, mediation, and making complex processes understandable for you.

Holmes Murphy emphasizes deeply understanding your business, claims experience, and potential areas for improvement. Developing a plan that covers proactive claims process management, client education, and claims advocacy is crucial. By doing this, Holmes Murphy can help you effectively manage, report, and respond to claims.

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Claims FAQs

Why does it matter if your company or insurance broker is involved with claims? Doesn’t the insurance carrier or TPA handle them?

The insurance carrier or third-party administrator (TPA) ultimately holds the power to make decisions on whether to cover or deny a claim and how much to reserve or pay. However, Holmes Murphy believes it is vital a business be involved in that process, and we can help. Ensuring you are provided everything a policy owes you, as well as ensuring you are properly defended is critical. The best in claims service and proper claims outcomes is our goal.

So, Holmes Murphy will do all of that for clients?

Each insured client has responsibilities to cooperate and interact with your insurance company or TPA adjusters for the sake of helping prove and evaluate your loss. However, we can help educate and guide you in how to do so, as well as advocate for the proper cooperation from the adjuster, and of course, proper loss evaluation and resolution.

ACV, construction-defect, MMI, claims-made, RTW, etc. — what do these insurance and claims acronyms and industry jargon mean?

There is a lot of industry jargon. Holmes Murphy’s role is to help educate our clients. This can be on a claims-specific basis as well as educating a group of supervisors or a larger client team.


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