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Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Risk & Reward

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) provide many financial and personal opportunities for businesses and its stakeholders, but the structure itself creates risks that must be proactively managed. An insurance partner who understands ESOPs is essential to align risk management philosophies and insurance programs to tailor safeguards for your protection so that your ESOP does not turn into a liability.

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Custom Solutions Designed for ESOPs

  • Understanding Your Business
    We ask questions that dig deep into your business, culture, and risk philosophies to learn not only what you do, but why and how you do it. Our process eliminates assumptions and allows our teams to truly understand you and develop bespoke risk management plans that are tailored to your unique exposures.
  • Dedicated Team
    Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary, ESOP team utilizes our intimate knowledge of your structure to deploy dynamic strategies to leverage ESOP culture and higher performance levels to achieve better results in difficult marketplaces.
  • Complete Service
    ESOPs unique regulatory environment, severity-driven claim potential, lack of favorable case law, coverage discrepancies, and ambiguity in policy interpretation can all escalate a claim from routine to complex. Our team’s tenacious and unwavering client advocacy will be on your side from the beginning through resolution.

Meet Miles Weis, Holmes Murphy ESOP Leader

Protect Your ESOP With Holmes Murphy

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are a great way to transition ownership, grant ownership to employees, and provide valuable tax benefits to companies and their shareholders. ESOPs provide value by aligning the interests of a company with its employees and improving company and employee performance. However, an ESOP’s organizational structure creates a new risk profile for companies.

The nature of a company’s ESOP structure creates an environment filled with unique regulations, inherent conflicts of interests, and difficult decisions for employee owners. When not properly addressed, these exposures open your organization and leadership up to significant liabilities. Your organization’s risk management and insurance program are important safeguards to ensure your company is not left bare when protection is needed most. We develop and deliver a customized Impact Plan that identifies your opportunities for greatest impact and a meaningful ROI. The Impact Plan identifies the framework for building a case for positive change in support of your program’s overall strategy.

Holmes Murphy’s ESOP team is proud to be active contributing members of The ESOP Association (TEA) and National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO). We’re deeply entrenched in the ESOP community as trusted advisors with attorneys, accountants, valuation advisors, lenders, trustees, TPAs, and other ESOP advisors. With extensive industry insight and a commitment to caring for your company and employees, Holmes Murphy is ready to take your ESOP strategy to the next level.

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The ESOP Association

The ESOP Association is committed to educating and advocating for employee ownership with an emphasis on ESOPs.

National Center for Employee Ownership

The National Center for Employee Ownership is a nonprofit organization supporting the employee ownership community for more than four decades.


How can Holmes Murphy help keep us adequately protected while keeping costs lower?

Finding the right balance between protection and cost efficiency is our priority. We conduct thorough risk assessments to determine your needs, utilize propriety in-house benchmarking data to analyze program structure, and then explore solutions that offer comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

Why should our ESOP consider Fiduciary Liability insurance?

Fiduciary Liability insurance is a crucial safeguard for ESOPs because it protects the personal assets of those managing the plan as well as proving your commitment to prudent plan governance, which ultimately increases your employees’ confidence in your ESOP management.


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