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Third-Party Claims

Feel Confident in Your Insurance Claims Management

We can help your company mitigate the risks and costs from insurance claims with a comprehensive and proactive claims management strategy.

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Beyond Insurance Claims Adjustment

  • Proactively Contain Costs
    Our custom cost-containing strategies, effective risk management, and faster insurance claims settlement ease your responsibilities and stress when dealing with claims.
  • Roadmap to Recovery
    Each loss, just like each client, is unique. Our goal is to provide our clients with a personalized roadmap to recovery.
  • Claims Consulting
    Let us walk you through the process before, during, and after you experience a loss.

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Creative Risk Solutions

Go beyond the status quo with expert claims management.

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Why Holmes Murphy?

What makes Holmes Murphy different from other insurance brokers?
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After a major loss takes place, you have more important things to take care of than insurance. In the days and months following a loss, you will need assistance in maximizing your recovery, minimizing the impact on your business, and clarifying the claims process. As your trusted third-party administrator, Creative Risk Solutions (CRS) will be there for you from start to finish.

From the initial audit to regular follow up, we want you to think of CRS as a member of your team. We specialize in resolving workers’ compensation and liability claims using innovative and effective solutions customized to fit your unique needs.

Our team will put you first by answering any questions you have before, after, or during a loss. We communicate with our clients and their adjusters to guide them towards the desired outcome.

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About CRS

Third-Party Claims FAQs

What kind of clients does CRS service?

We handle an array of clients, such as captive insurance accounts, large deductible, and/or qualified self-insured accounts. Our clients are diverse in both size and industry, as well as geography, which equates to diversified knowledge and skillsets amongst our nationwide claims team.

What third-party claims resources does CRS provide clients?

Our number one focus is our clients. We are an extension of your team. One way we do this is to work with each client to build special claims handling instructions tailored to you and your business to set and maintain expectations throughout the claims process.

How is CRS different from other insurance claims adjusters?

To ensure our claims team can put the time and focus on our clients’ claims, we keep our target caseload much lower than the industry standard, which is sometimes well over 200 claims per adjuster. In fact, our claims team averages approximately 140 claims per adjuster! We prefer a caseload that is much more manageable to aide in a positive client experience.