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Employee Benefits Compliance Made Simple

In the dynamic landscape of the insurance industry, many employers feel overwhelmed by compliance requirements. You don’t have to navigate it on your own — Holmes Murphy can help!

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Supporting Your Compliance Needs

  • Thought Leadership
    We pride ourselves on not following the herd. When new guidance is issued, a new court decision announced, or new legislation passed, we do an independent review and analysis to find the most pressing issues for our clients.
  • Education Is Everywhere
    Making sure our clients understand compliance topics is an important part of our job. We ensure you are aware of everything that’s new and what you need to know when it comes to employee benefits compliance.
  • Always at Your Service
    We make ourselves available to our consultants and clients so you can get the information you need when you need it.

Meet Our Compliance Experts

Navigating Compliance Complexities Made Simple with Holmes Murphy

Our experienced Compliance team not only assists clients in navigating compliance complexities by helping you understand your ultimate responsibilities under any new rules or regulations, but also works with your service team to establish direct connections with insurance carriers and third-party administrators to maximize support.

At the same time, we keep you attuned to traditional compliance requirements, such as employee benefits plan document distribution. This is a key focus of our Compliance team as these areas are often the source of compliance headaches.

Mitigating the Rising Costs of Health Insurance

As the costs of providing health insurance to employees continue to rise, employers are searching for help to optimize health insurance offerings. Our team works with you to review various insurance products and programs, identify potential compliance risks, and assess whether these programs meet your goals when providing employee benefits.

Ultimately, we want to get you to a place where your health and welfare benefits plans are structured without compliance surprises. With this as a foundation, we can easily tackle any new regulatory guidance, court decisions, or new legislation.

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Compliance FAQs

Can your health plan offer different waiting periods for different groups of employees?

Yes, it is generally permissible for a health plan to offer different waiting periods for different groups of employees, if the distinctions are not discriminatory and comply with applicable laws.


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