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Your construction business deserves more than an insurance policy. Every company and project has its own set of risks, including new processes and technologies, onerous contract obligations, design and professional responsibilities, skilled labor shortage, regulatory issues, and the health and safety of employees — just to name a few. We partner our experts with your business to manage your risks and protect your employees, so you can focus on the future.

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Get a Partner, Not a Policy

  • Tackle Your Unique Risks
    We get to know your construction business inside and out to tailor-make plans that avoid, reduce, and transfer whatever risk you face.
  • Advocate for Your Claims
    If you need to file a claim with your carrier, we’ll help you do it and fight for a favorable outcome during every step of the process.
  • Promote Worker Wellbeing
    We treat your employees like they’re our own, helping you protect them both on-the-job and off-the-clock.

Meet Holmes Murphy Vice President, Construction Leader Dan Etzel

Construction Resources


Hard Hat Health Initiative

Get access to resources for protecting the mental health
of your employees.

Contacts to Non-critical Claims

Get in touch with the right carrier to file your claim.

Continued Education

Grow your knowledge and career with our library of IACET-accredited courses.

Construction Wellbeing Model 

See how we can help your organization build a culture of happiness and health.

Construction FAQs

How does Holmes Murphy specialize in meeting the unique insurance needs of construction clients?

Holmes Murphy is dedicated to understanding the distinct challenges of the construction industry. Our tailored insurance solutions for construction clients encompass comprehensive risk management strategies, ensuring protection against the specific nuances of the construction environment.

What sets Holmes Murphy apart in providing insurance services to construction businesses?

Holmes Murphy stands out in servicing construction clients by offering specialized expertise and industry-focused solutions. From project-specific coverage to proactive risk mitigation, our team is committed to supporting construction businesses with insurance solutions tailored to their distinct requirements.

Can Holmes Murphy assist construction clients with navigating complex regulatory requirements in the industry?

Absolutely. Holmes Murphy excels in helping construction clients navigate the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance. Our team is well-versed in industry-specific regulations and can guide construction businesses in ensuring they meet all necessary standards while optimizing their insurance coverage.

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