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Keep Your Campus & Students Safe

Educational organizations navigate many different risk factors every day. You need an insurance broker who understands your unique needs.

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We Care.Fully. for Your Community

  • Contractual Liability
    When vendors or educational support staff visit your school campus, their lack of insurance causes you to take on the liability should something happen. We help work through these risks.
  • Insurance Policy Evaluation
    We thoroughly evaluate your insurance policies and provide professional feedback to protect your campus and students.
  • Loss History Trends
    We do a deep dive into your loss history to uncover potential trends and find ways to prevent them in the future, ensuring the safety of your staff and students.
Insurance Solutions Designed for Education

As an educational organization, you shouldn’t have to get your insurance providers up to speed. You want an insurance broker who knows and understands the nuances of the educational industry, which is where Holmes Murphy comes in.

Our team of education experts works with your leadership team to find solutions to your comprehensive needs and coverages. We do things differently to ensure your insurance process is as efficient as possible. With dedicated teams for Loss Control and Claims, we quickly gain knowledge of your organization’s goals and maintain a fully synchronized system so everyone has a full understanding.

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Education FAQs

What specific coverages apply to my educational organization?

The most common, industry-specific insurance coverages we provide for our education clients are Educators’ Legal Liability, Cyber Liability, and Contractual Liability.

Are there any specific insurance requirements or considerations for our student and staff exchange programs or overseas educational activities?

Yes, international activities may require specialized coverage. We can help you navigate the intricacies of international insurance, including travel insurance and compliance with foreign regulations and contractual obligations that will allow your institution to operate smoothly and securely worldwide.


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