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Health & Human Services

Unique Solutions for Your Risk

From aging infrastructure to healthcare compliance, the Health & Human Services industry faces complex and unique insurance risk. You need expertise on your side so you can do what you do best – care for your employees and community.

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Care.Fully. for Your Community

  • Thinking Ahead
    Continuously on the lookout for innovative approaches, we strive to empower our clients in effectively managing incident rates. This not only enhances client profitability but also contributes to heightened satisfaction among their staff.
  • We Grow With You
    As a comprehensive insurance broker specializing in Property Casualty, Employee Benefits, Surety, Captives, Organizational Wellbeing, and beyond, we provide access to an expansive marketplace. Our goal is to assist companies in securing optimal coverage at competitive rates.
  • Decode the Labor Market
    We are dedicated to training clients in workers’ compensation claims prevention and actively assisting in processing claims. We help get them solved faster, improving employee retention and productivity.

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Why Holmes Murphy?

What makes Holmes Murphy different from other insurance brokers?
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Healthcare organizations are under pressure to do more with less. Failure to address critical issues can not only put patient and employee safety at risk but lead to an increase in workers’ compensation claims, fines, and damage to an organization’s reputation.

Healthcare organizations receive the greatest return on their investment by partnering with consultants with proven industry expertise. Our Holmes Murphy Health & Human Services team understands your unique challenges and your greatest opportunities for return.

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Health & Human Services FAQs

What are the top critical issues facing healthcare organizations today?

Among the largest issues facing the Health and Human Services industry today are the labor crisis, healthcare reform and compliance, cyber risk, environmental pollutants, and emergency preparedness, to name a few. Ultimately, Holmes Murphy has solutions for these nuanced challenges Health and Human Services organizations face to increase your business’s productivity and profitability.

Why should Health & Human Services organizations choose Holmes Murphy?

We know the industry pressures and issues that you deal with day in and day out. Our team’s expertise helps us look for solutions outside of the norm, giving you peace of mind.