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NEW: Senate Agrees to Extend Small Business Rescue in Surprise Move Telemedicine Visits Double During COVID-19
NEW: FDA Will Require COVID-19 Vaccine to Be at Least 50 Percent More Effective Than a Placebo I Was Sure I Had COVID-19 – Negotiating the Testing
NEW: Green, Yellow, Orange, or Red? New Tool Shows COVID-19 Risk County-by-County Ingram’s Features Jeff Spencer in Q&A About COVID-19 and the Healthcare Landscape
HHS Will Renew Public Health Emergency Cal Beyer and Claire Burnett Talk to the Importance of Promoting Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention
WHO Warns Pandemic Is Speeding Up as Countries Ease Lockdown Rules Contractor Tips: Managing Cash Flow during COVID-19
DOL Says Workers Whose Kids Can’t Attend Summer Camp Can Take FFCRA Leave
CDC Says U.S. Has “Way Too Much Virus” to Control Pandemic as Cases Surge Nationwide What Does a Bus Crash, COVID-19, and Mental Wellbeing Have in Common?
COVID-19 Drives Up Demand for Mental Health Care (Subscription Required) Part 2 – Managing Risk as Employees Return to Work
Lessons Learned: Why Hospitals Are Better Prepared for Latest COVID-19 Resurgence Part 1 – Managing Risk as Employees Return to Work
Texas Medical Center Changes How It Reports ICU Capacity Amid COVID-19
This Coronavirus Doesn’t Change Quickly, and that’s Good News for Vaccine Makers Getting Raw and Real about COVID-19
Who’s at Highest Risk from COVID-19? CDC Updates Its List Cal Beyer Speaks to the Importance of EAPs During and After COVID-19
CDC Chief Says Coronavirus Cases May Be 10 Times Higher Than Reported The Personal Impacts of COVID-19
COVID-19 Cases Are Accelerating Across U.S. (Subscription Required) Breaking the Mental Health Stigma
HHS, FEMA End Funding for 13 COVID-19 Test Sites Why Is There Uncertainty about COVID-19 Health Insurance Coverage?
Informational Videos Virtual Events & Resources
ICYMI: [Webinar Recording] 10 Ways to Manage Risk (Better Than You Are Already) Working Remotely: Employer Strategies & Tips for Culture, Leadership, Flexibility, & Technology
Virtual Townhall: Post COVID-19 Construction World – A Strategic and Tactical Response [Guide] COVID-19 & Workers’ Compensation: What Employers Need to Know about Employee Payroll
ICYMI: [Webinar Recording] COVID-19 Cost and Clinical Considerations COVID-19 and Cyber Risk Guide: Tips to Prepare for Scams, Phishing and Working Remotely
ICYMI: [Webinar Recording] Employee Engagement & Wellbeing During COVID-19 KPA Resource Center
ICYMI: [Webinar Recording] Finding Savings in a Time of Uncertainty COVID-19 Employer Guide: Recommendations for Suspicion of Exposure in the Workplace
ICYMI: [Webinar Recording] COVID-19 Managing Risk: What Employers Need to Know As Employees Return to Work Guide to OSHA Reporting and Recording of COVID-19
 Virtual Townhall: Insurance Coverage Implications FFCRA Notice Poster FAQs
Video Playlist: Joyages Mental Aid Kit for COVID-19 Joyages Offers Free Two-Week COVID-19 Employee Communication Campaign
Virtual Townhall: Capturing Opportunity in 2020 Business Continuity Checklist
Virtual Townhall: COVID-19 & Workers’ Compensation
ICYMI: April 8, 2020 Update on the CARES Act and FFCRA
ICYMI: COVID-19: Managing Risk Through Times of Uncertainty Webinar Recording
Virtual Townhall: COVID-19 and Surety bonds Considerations
ICYMI: Holmes Murphy March 27 FFCRA Webinar Recording
Virtual Townhall: Employee Wellbeing & HR Challenges – March 26
MBI – COVID-19: Impacts on Construction, Safety Practices, and a Federal Update
Video Playlist: COVID-19 Resources

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