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Employee Experience

Making a Difference for Employee Experiences

The Holmes Murphy and ethOs teams are dedicated to helping organizations identify and build exceptional employee experiences that contribute toward every individual living a healthier, happier life.

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Unique Outcomes Designed for You

  • Our Approach is Different
    At ethOs, we aren’t here to create the culture we think you need. We listen to our clients and provide recommendations based on your distinct situation.
  • Employees Want Individualized Experiences
    Workplaces differ, and so do your employees — with unique interests and backgrounds shaping your organization. The ethOs team believes each employee’s experience shapes your collective culture. Our focus is on ensuring everyone feels seen, valued, heard, and inspired daily.
  • Identify Your Organizational Purpose
    Organizational purpose is why a company exists, where we define your core values, character, culture, and guiding beliefs.
The ethOs Difference is Our Approach to Your Difference

What if you could build a culture and climate within your organization that empowers your employees? What if your employees brought their WHOLE, best selves to work every day and fully engaged with your organizational purpose? Imagine how that would impact attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent.

With our employee experience team, ethOs, we know this is possible, and we can make this a reality for your company!

Full-Service Employee Experience Experts

As pioneers in building exceptional employee experiences, we specialize in helping organizations identify and implement opportunities that enhance organizational culture, employee experience, and employee engagement. We have a simple 3-step discovery and planning process.

Step 1: We Learn

Through focus groups, surveys, and analysis, we gather and learn about your workforce demographics (leaders and employees) and the experience they want/need.

Step 2: We Analyze

We identify the existing resources you provide, including diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts, and the opportunities that exist to fill gaps in needed resources.

Step 3: We Help Implement

We will never hand over a recommendation and say, “good luck, see ya later!” Our team will walk alongside you to ensure you are armed with the right information, planning, and communication tools to roll out an exceptional employee experience with measured results.

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