Construction is a complex risk business. Every company and project has its own set of risks including new processes and technologies, onerous contract obligations, design and professional responsibilities, skilled labor shortage, regulatory issues, and the health and safety of employees to name a few.

Controlling risk is more than just procuring an insurance policy. As extended members of your team, Holmes Murphy Construction develops business risk solutions to significantly impact your bottom line.

On the Cutting Edge of Cutting Risk

While our clients are focused on building for our future, we’re building trust with top-level services including claim advocacy, risk control, safety, contractual risk transfer, practice consulting, subcontractor default insurance (SDI), and more.

With our expertise and focus, Holmes Murphy Construction has unparalleled depth and insights which provide massive value to our fellow construction partners.

Our Approach to Risk Management

Holmes Murphy Construction zeroes in on your business, culture, and vision using our proprietary service approach, Understanding ART. Through Understanding ART, our construction experts will create an actionable Impact Plan supporting your organizational objectives, enhancing your risk profile, and managing costs. The result is a comprehensive risk management and insurance program tailored to your business supporting your business goals and company culture.

How do we do this?

Through dialogue and assessments with your leaders. Our team will focus on your business and people using interactive conversation and key performance indicators that dive deep into your corporate and risk management goals and objectives to gain a better understanding of your history, vision, and culture. Creating business alignment can bring value to you.

Hardhat Health and Worker Wellbeing

The reality in construction is that more workers die by suicide annually than all other occupational fatalities on jobsites, but we can change this fact.

We can re-evaluate our risk mitigation approach and implement worker wellbeing into our overall safety and health strategy to address the physical health, behavioral health, and stressors that workers face each day, focusing on the underlying conditions that impact each one of these areas. That’s where our Hard Hat Health program steps in. Because, what is under the hard hat matters.

Worker Wellbeing & Suicide Prevention with an orange hard hat and Holmes Murphy construction logo


The discussion around worker wellbeing on the jobsite is an important one to have. Workplace culture isn’t how your company operates, but how you treat your workers, and more importantly, how your company supports these efforts. To help contractors have a better understanding how to approach a worker wellbeing culture, we’ve created a Construction Wellbeing Model that provides a framework for developing and implementing a tactical strategy.

This integrated model consists of wellbeing tools, strategies, and outcomes. It focuses on efforts that address initiatives and services for the six areas of construction wellbeing: workplace, workforce, worker, worksites, work tasks, and work groups.

A positive, hardworking culture isn’t created overnight. Your culture needs to focus on your workers. You will reap the benefits when your workers see, hear, and feel the commitment your company has invested into worker wellbeing and addresses the critical areas to support their wellbeing challenges. Read more about our approach to worker wellbeing and suicide prevention.

Risk & Safety

Holmes Murphy Construction knows risk is part of the job. Our team works with yours to identity, avoid, and mitigate risks by creating an actionable plan with strategies to protect your employees and business while aligning with your strategic goals to facilitate an environment of high engagement and accountability. We are extended members of your team supporting you with decades of construction risk management experience.

Did we mention we are accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)? You can find our risk and safety webinar library here.

Claims Advocacy

Holmes Murphy Construction understands there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Because of this, we take a comprehensive approach to helping meet your business goals. From basic claim communication to proactive Return to Work strategies, we plan and prepare for losses before they occur.

We proactively approach every claim — regardless of dollar value or complexity — by partnering with you and the insurance carrier to ensure all claims are closed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our Claims Advocacy team provides support, guidance, and peace of mind knowing you’ll receive effective claim service and advocacy focused on achieving the best possible outcome every time.

Photo: A smiling white man in a suit, Roger Cornett Sr. Vice President. Text: These businesses are betting the house every day...We help them to prevent accidents and send risk experts to their job sites. If something does go wrong, we've got a claims action team to guide them through the process. Click to read all about Holmes Murphy's "Founding Principles" in Monocle's feature.


Take Your Risk Management to the Next Level

Holmes Murphy Construction is laser-focused, which is why construction companies trust us to provide the support and expertise they need to manage their risk. We are more than just a business partner. We are an extension to your team.

Our team is ready to help you build momentum and leave doubt in the dirt. Reach out today!

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