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Innovate, Challenge, and Change the Insurance Industry

Kari Cooling
Kari Cooling
Sr. Vice President and Managing Director, Brokerage Services

In November, I had the pleasure of speaking at Amerisure’s Power Women’s Conference regarding a book that was written by Tiffani Bova titled “Growth IQ.” In a previous session, Tiffani shared a chart about the insurance buying process, and wow, did it ever look long and painful. She was spot on that while I may love the insurance industry, many of our clients don’t. Simply speaking, insurance isn’t a passion of most people…and I get it.

I was asked to speak around one of the chapters within the book that focused on unconventional strategies, and specifically, the work Holmes Murphy and 14 other privately held insurance brokers are doing with BrokerTech Ventures (BTV).

There is an excerpt in the book that speaks specifically to this. It says, “[s]uccessful businesses are embracing their human side and reaching for something deeper; a new value system that has inspired a new Zeitgeist: ‘A desire for purpose and mission. An emphasis on positive impact over material gain. A preference for sharing and giving over owning and taking. A willingness to break down silos and connecting the dots in new ways. An urgent, enthusiastic desire to find new solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.'”

BrokerTech Ventures Explained

Now, if you’ve never heard of BTV, you may be wondering what it is. To-date, BTV has brought together 15 super-regional brokerage firms and 14 premier insurance carriers and wholesalers. BTV has attracted 24 broker-centric startups and a pool of talented entrepreneurs, and deployed BTV’s Accelerator and Mentoring network. BTV has also actively built out carrier engagement, as well as strategic partnerships within the insurtech and media & communications channels.

BTV exists to bend the innovation curve, to challenge (and ultimately to change) the insurance industry. We are running hard, and we are playing with the infinite game in mind. BTV couldn’t be more unique in that 15 brokers (who by nature are competitors) are working together to change the industry.

I couldn’t be prouder of the work we are doing in this space. Holmes Murphy’s elevation of innovation and intentional activation of an “intrapreneurial” mindset is precisely what sets us apart from others in our industry. We lead with care, compassion, and a spirit to allow you (our clients and employees) to achieve their full potential.

BrokerTech Ventures Works to Combat Risks and Costs

As a co-founder and leader of BTV, we are pursuing insurtech innovation to help our clients identify their risks sooner and drive down their costs faster. We have bold conviction around Holmes Murphy’s opportunity to pave the way for the future of the insurance industry, and BTV is just one of the catalysts to do so.

As we’ve shared in our recent media announcements, Holmes Murphy and BTV are changing the industry — and we’re in it for the long game. We hope you’ve noticed this!

We’d also love to hear from you about what you’re seeing and what kind of innovation you think would be beneficial. Feel free to reach out and let us know. After all, we’re better together!

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