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Follow the Bread Crumbs

Susan Hatten
Susan Hatten
Chief Marketing Officer

On a recent trip to Quebec City, Canada, to represent Holmes Murphy and the State of Iowa at a Children’s Charity Conference, I had the opportunity to take a bit of personal time to visit Montreal.

One of the quintessential sights to experience in Montreal is their landmark topography in Mount Royal. She sits prominently in the Monteregian Hills, touting views between Old Montreal and Downtown, and can be seen for miles throughout the city. I knew that I wanted to climb to her peak to see the city from above on my visit.

As I have often traveled alone, I am mindful of keeping an eye out for landmarks, street signs — or bread crumbs, if you will, to lead me back home as I journey about new neighborhoods, cities, and countries. A trek up to the base, and ultimately to the peak, of Mount Royal required this use of senses and sensibility. Knowing that my mobile phone had spotty service at-best, I could not rely on Google maps to lead me back to my hotel all the while on foot.

As I began my six-hour walking journey that day, I became acutely aware of the bread crumbs surrounding me to lead me safely back home.

Our Holmes Murphy team has dedicated time and energy over the past several months to review what we pronounce as our Holmes Murphy Aspirations. Our Aspirations are our hope-filled goals, our beacons of business and personal construct — our own bread crumbs — which lead us back to the steadfast core values that drive the heart of our business.

Our Aspirations include:

  • Better Tomorrow Than Yesterday
  • Count on Me
  • Courageous Influence
  • Leave Good Footprints
  • Share Abundantly

While yes, we are in the business of insurance, risk management, and clinical expertise, there is so much more that must take place behind the scenes to remain the best of the best, as one of the largest employee-owned and controlled brokerage firms in the country. Our Aspirations provide the heart behind our work and also the bread crumbs to lead us back to the “why” — when and if we ever become lost in our leadership experience or personal journey.

We all will have times in our professional and personal lives in which we are seeking those bread crumbs to bring us back to center. Our Holmes Murphy Aspirations are a reminder of how a collective vision, with supporting hope-filled goals, can bring an entire team along for the ultimate journey.

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