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A Storytelling Project

Susan Hatten
Susan Hatten
Chief Marketing Officer

This past weekend, Central Iowa played host to the first-ever Des Moines (DSM) Book Festival hosted by the Greater Des Moines Partnership in Iowa, bringing in talent and content spanning a diverse array of literary and musical content. The festival offered features, sessions, and topics to suit a wide range of demographics and interests, so as to capture a greater audience of engaged visitors and future affinity supporters.

One of the features was the Storyteller’s Project — a production which has been three years in the making, allowing a format for freedom of discussion and storytelling surrounding a specific topic or idea.

As I pondered the art of storytelling and thought about some of the greatest writers, artists, and craftsman I know, one trait remained constant. These storytellers could capture not only your interest, but they created intrigue, emotion, and thoughtful balance by reaching you at your core.

As our Holmes Murphy team continues to grow in depth and breadth through talent additions and acquisitions, we made a thoughtful decision at the start of 2019 to create even greater impact by developing our own story and deploying our Holmes Murphy Foundation.

You see, for more than 87 years, Holmes Murphy has always been involved in our community (and communities) and our leadership believed it’s important to plant seeds of stewardship and civic responsibility where we live, work, and play.

We simply weren’t amplifying our efforts or telling our story with as much gusto as we could. Part of our Holmes Murphy Foundation story rests upon what we call our Aspirations, or hope-filled goals, for our enterprise. Two of these — “Leave Good Footprints” and “Share Abundantly” — are the golden thread that weaves our storyline together for our Holmes Murphy Foundation.

And while our Holmes Murphy Foundation is newly formed — a blank canvas, so to speak — we continue to add new color, unearth new literary content, and magnify the good works, we are learning even more deeply what our employees, business partners, and communities need the most.

We are being intentional and strategic as we tell our story, and we look forward to being even more impactful in our communities as our Holmes Murphy team members are engaged in our philanthropic works and deeds. We are eager to build out our story — and to Share Abundantly — with you in mind.

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