Risk & Safety

As a business owner that works hard to protect your people and profits, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to controlling losses that can impact your organization. Is regulatory compliance the goal, or is it something more? What about risks where no regulatory standards apply? How should those be managed? How can effective loss control make your business money and not be considered solely as a cost center?

At Holmes Murphy, we recognize the importance of a comprehensive strategy that involves both risk control and insurance. That’s why we invest in a team of Risk & Safety Consultants who work with you to understand your organization’s risks and help you implement appropriate risk management solutions to minimize the likelihood that losses will occur. We learn what’s going well and where we can help you avoid loss and unlock your unique potential.

The key to our shared success is understanding you — your operations, exposures, existing risk management programs, and risk and safety goals — through our proprietary Understanding ART process. Understanding ART extends beyond coverage gaps and price to Avoid, Reduce, and Transfer our clients’ losses by focusing on Your Business, Your Risk Management, and Your Potential. The result is a comprehensive risk management program aimed at helping your business run better instead of just buying property casualty insurance.

Start with Compliance, Work toward Potential

Regulatory compliance is a critical part of a risk control program; however, we believe compliance is the floor, not the ceiling. That’s why we reach beyond compliance and help you with identifying key risks in your business that might impact your profitability, reputation, productivity, and other key metrics.

Working with our consultants — many of whom have extensive experience working in the industries they serve — you can expect positive benefits such as:

  • Reduced workers’ compensation experience rating and injury frequency
  • Fewer vehicle accidents, property damage claims, thefts, and quality control issues
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Higher employee retention and morale

Two workers wearing safety vests in a warehouse setting

Loss Control Services Tailored to Your Needs

No two businesses are exactly alike. Our solutions meet you where you are and take you to where you want to go. Some of the common risk control services our team provides include:

  • Risk and safety program assessments and program development
  • Risk management training, from OSHA compliance topics to strategic executive education seminars
  • Facility and jobsite hazard assessments and risk control strategies
  • OSHA, DOT, EPA and other regulatory compliance mock audits
  • Crisis Management Plan and catastrophic incident response & mitigation
  • Slip, trip and fall, and other premises and public safety assessments
  • Industrial and office ergonomic assessments
  • Commercial auto risk management strategy development, from driver selection to telematics and beyond
  • Property safety and business continuity program development
  • Access to the extensive risk management library from our partner, KPA Risk Management Center
  • Specialized solutions unique to the risks your business faces

Let’s Get to Work

Our team of Risk & Safety Consultants is committed to your success. We do everything we can to help you avoid losses in your operations, but we know incidents may still occur. That’s why we work closely with our Claims and Insurance Services teams to provide a complete risk management solution. We’re proud of the many industries we serve and are confident we can help you identify, measure, and effectively control risk in your business.

To learn more about how we can help your business operate at its highest level, contact us for a personal consultation.

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