Health & Human Services

we administer the precise dose to take care of your insurance aches

On the trek to value-based care, one must calculate the true cost of services — a process that can leave you feeling ill. That’s where Holmes Murphy comes in. We’ll help resolve your ailments by developing the best treatment plan — without adverse side effects. We’ll also help uncover other improvement opportunities, allowing you time to focus on becoming more efficient and improving care.

As you know all too well, when it comes to high insurance premiums, there’s no single solution…so, we help our clients approach it one piece at a time. Lowering the prices charged by the most expensive insurance companies to those charged by the most effective ones will help — and no, they’re not necessarily the same. Bargaining power and greater transparency also help, but developing a risk management program that effectively avoids loss will ultimately make the biggest difference. That’s where Holmes Murphy puts our sharpest minds…solving your biggest problems!

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