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Why Holmes Murphy

Why Holmes Murphy? The answer is simple — we’re pretty irresistible. We have an awesome culture where everyone plays to their strengths and contributes to who we are and want to be. We are also a purpose-driven organization, with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion as we strive to embrace differences with intentionality and make a difference not only as individuals, teams, and corporately, but also with customers, partners, and in the communities we operate. We live all of this out through our hope-filled goals called “Aspirations.”

  • COUNT ON ME – Expert capability and responsibility are essential for success at an individual and corporate level. We go beyond meeting individual commitments and proactively help those around us be successful.
  • SHARE ABUNDANTLY – Our product is our cumulative knowledge and experience. We resist being selfish with our knowledge, time, opportunities, and resources because our combined positive impact is greater than the sum of our individual efforts.
  • COURAGEOUS INFLUENCE – We care enough to intervene for good. We are willing to create constructive disruption and risk the comfort of the status quo to challenge ourselves, each other, our customers, and our industry to think differently to achieve superior results.
  • LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS – An impression is left with every encounter whether it’s with our clients, our communities, or each other. Honesty, integrity, respect, and intelligence guide our interactions.
  • BETTER TOMORROW THAN YESTERDAY – The proactive actions we take today make tomorrow even better. We are intentional, empowered, and optimistic.

As an Employer of Choice, Holmes Murphy is committed to providing an amazing total rewards program, where employees are recognized and rewarded for their contributions and provided opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

We are dedicated to a comprehensive total rewards program, including compensation (base pay and annual incentives), benefits, total wellbeing, and personal/professional growth, all while recognizing successes, which we believe demonstrates:

  • How we care about our employees and attract, retain and motivate the highest performing talent.
  • Our efforts to create and sustain a diverse culture where every employee is supported to reach their fullest potential.
  • The ease in which our employees can understand and leverage all offerings of the program.
  • Our desire to influence positive, healthy behaviors with accountability and incenting consumerism and risk management.
  • Personal and professional development, while building relationships and teams.

Engaging, empowering, and elevating all employees in the workplace is a staple of the Holmes Murphy way, and we’re proud of it!