Executive Committee

Holmes Murphy Executive Committee

Back Row (L to R): Dan Keough, Den Bishop, John Hurley II, and Ellen Willadsen. Front Row (L to R): Charisse Vaughn, Tom Stewart, and Jay Reavis

Your business deserves the best. When you partner with Holmes Murphy, you’ll be represented by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable, experienced professionals – starting with our Executive Committee. So we want to introduce the Holmes Murphy Executive Committee members who lead our team to compete to win every day. These seven are true game changers!

Board of Directors

Now that you know our Executive Committee, we’d like to introduce you to our Board of Directors. Each are incredible at what they do and bring value to Holmes Murphy that is unmatched in the industry! Want to know a bit about them? Take a peek by hovering over each board member; you may find something interesting you didn’t know about the men and women leading Holmes Murphy.

  • Little known fact about me, I am an aviation geek and am working on getting my private pilot’s license.

    Brad Bierman

    Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
  • What am I passionate about? Well, I mentioned my desire to fix the Affordable Care Act on our family Christmas card. Is that strange?

    Den Bishop

  • Unknown fact about me: I’m scared of the five “S’s” — sharks, snakes, spiders, scorpions, and Stacy (yeah, that one is a long story)!

    Chris Boyd

    Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
  • My favorite things to do outside of work are taxi drive my children (unpaid) to all their activities, spend time outside, run, and Pilates!

    Kari Cooling

    Senior Vice President, Market Leader, Property Casualty
  • Roger Cornett

    Outside of work, I’m most passionate about my family, our friends, and being in the outdoors.

    Roger Cornett

    President, CSDZ
  • The three things I dislike the most are paying taxes (who likes that?!), working out and waiting between my kids’ tournament games.

    John Hurley II

    President, Property Casualty
  • A little fun fact about me: I’ve ridden more than 100,000 miles on my bicycle over the past 15 years!

    Gerald Johnson

    Senior Vice President, Property Casualty
  • My three favorite things to do outside of work are watch my boys compete in sports, travel with my family, and drink wine and break bread with family and friends.

    Dan Keough

    Chairman & CEO
  • Something you may not know about me…I have more shoes than my wife! It’s all about the style, folks!

    Steve McManus

    Senior Vice President, Property Casualty
  • One thing you may not know about me — I worked in a restaurant in Yellowstone Park one summer. I made it two weeks and came home because I was homesick!

    Doug Muth

    Senior Vice President, Property Casualty
  • A fun tidbit about me — I love to cook and do 95 percent of the cooking in my household. In fact, in another life, I would be a chef!

    Jay Reavis

    Senior Vice President, Property Casualty Brokerage Sales
  • When it comes to my dislikes in life, they all start with “t” — tomatoes, traffic, and three-putts.

    Jeff Spencer

    Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
  • Fun fact about me...I married my high school sweetheart. Also, my second favorite passion (behind captive consulting) is cooking for my wife and four kids!

    Tom Stewart

    President, Innovative Captive Strategies
  • My dream is to win on the TV show Lip Sync Battle!

    Charisse Vaughn

    Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
  • Outside of work, my favorite thing to do is whatever the sport of the day is, which may include riding, running, boxing, or golfing!

    Ellen Willadsen

    Chief Financial Officer