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Through BrokerTech Ventures, Holmes Murphy Contributes in Co-Lead of Highwing Funding Round

$4 million in funding secured from brokers and renowned insurtech Venture Capitalists

BrokerTech Ventures, founded in 2019 as the first broker-led platform for broker-centric innovation, ideation,  investment, and communication, closed a co-leading funding effort to raise $4 million in capital for Highwing, a Denver-based insurtech company focused on an open exchange ecosystem for the benefit of the insurance industry value-chain.

Born from a brokerage, Highwing is focused on helping the insurance industry take control of their data — delivering better results faster to change both processing and management for brokers and carriers.

Partners in co-leading this investment round, Baldwin Risk Partners, an independent insurance distribution firm, and BrokerTech Ventures were joined by member firms, Holmes Murphy, The ABD Team, Conner Strong & Buckelew, and Heffernan Insurance Brokers. Investment groups Cameron Ventures, AmWINS GroupRevolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, SkyKnight Capital, SpringTime Ventures, and Service Provider Capital aligned in capital support to complete the Highwing investment round.

“Our BrokerTech Ventures agencies could not be more thrilled to be co-leading the investment round in Highwing and their open exchange technology platform. Leaning into technology and innovation matters now more than ever,” said Dan Keough, Holmes Murphy chairman and CEO and BrokerTech Ventures co-founder. “We believe that by marrying BrokerTech Ventures and our $1.6 billion in collective distribution with the Highwing technology, we hold a tremendous opportunity to change the insurance industry and impact the value chain for the benefit of all.”

Commercial insurance is expected to reach $900 billion by 2021 but has been restricted by manual methods. Utilizing their innovative insurtech platform, Highwing intends to use the $4 million in funding to expand their product suite, allowing users to organize insurance applications and more, providing a valuable service to the industry.

“Holmes Murphy has a unique culture that truly makes insurance fun with an eye toward innovation so when we had an opportunity to work together, we jumped at the chance,” said Erik Mitisek, CEO of Highwing. “Their leadership team and stand-out approach to insurance brokerage has been incredibly valuable already, and we look forward to continued collaboration and support as we scale Highwing together.”

“This is an exciting time for BrokerTech Ventures, our agency partners, for Highwing, and for our insurance industry at-large,” said Dan Keough. “As the co-lead investment partner and by bringing together our collective BrokerTech Ventures agency and insurance company multi-billion dollar distribution platform, we hold an opportunity to take greater control of our data for the benefit of all.”

To learn more, visit www.brokertechventures.com.


About BrokerTech Ventures

Based in the insurance nucleus of Des Moines, Iowa, BrokerTech Ventures is the first broker-led convening platform and accelerator program focused on delivering innovation to the broader insurance ecosystem. Founded in 2019, BrokerTech Ventures provides a venue for the greatest thought-leaders in insurance and technology to collaborate and bring market leading-edge ideas and solutions. BrokerTech Ventures invests in the research, vetting and investing opportunities, for each of the selected startups, provides access to veteran industry mentors, and brings scale to the insurtech market through multi-billion dollar broker and insurance company distribution channels. Learn more at www.brokertechventures.com, or follow us on Twitter (@BrokerTechVen), LinkedIn, or Facebook.

About Highwing

Highwing provides open data solutions that help mid-market commercial insurance brokers and carriers move faster and go further for their clients. Highwing’s platform enables direct connectivity between brokers and carriers, powering efficient workflows, data-driven insights, and profitable growth.

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