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Press Release

Holmes Murphy Foundation Opens Grant Program, Expanding on Philanthropic Initiatives

Grant Program focused on non-profit organizations will further expand Holmes Murphy’s local charitable efforts.

The Holmes Murphy Foundation has recently announced the opening of its Grant Program. This program is an opportunity for the foundation to activate its contributions in all Holmes Murphy communities by carefully selecting a charity or charities to support.

“Our Grant Program is allowing us to both contribute monetarily and through our time with Volunteer Time-Off,” said Holmes Murphy Chairman and CEO Dan Keough. “At Holmes Murphy, we value the opportunity to give back to the communities we call home for living, working, and playing.”

The Grant Program will support 501C-3 or non-profit organizations that align with the Holmes Murphy Foundation pillars: health and at-risk, education, and arts and culture.

“Through this program, we are looking for community partners to engage by contributing or applying for grants,” said Craig Hansen, Senior Vice President – Bonds, Holmes Murphy, who is leading this effort. “With both options to get involved with the Holmes Murphy Foundation Grant Program available, we are excited to see this initiative grow.”

Building upon two aspirations, Leaving Good Footprints and Sharing Abundantly, the Holmes Murphy Foundation and its Grant Program are driving employees to continue to give back. The concept of giving back is not new to the company; Holmes Murphy currently contributes over $1.3 million in charitable donations and logs more than 10,000 volunteer hours annually.

Grant applications will be reviewed April 1-June 1, 2019, and finalists announced on August 1, 2019. Activation of the granted funds will involve celebrations in each Holmes Murphy market this coming fall.

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