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A Statement from Holmes Murphy Chairman & CEO Dan Keough

The recent killing of George Floyd, as well as other instances of attacks and harassment of Black citizens in our nation, continue to drive outrage and calls for action by people of all cultural backgrounds. Feelings of grief and anger cause us to confront the incomprehensible idea that the lives of some are deemed less valuable — and less worthy of dignity, care, and protection — than the lives of others.

We are struggling to make sense of the recent tragedies that leave us feeling overcome with a combination of sorrow, guilt, and even loss of hope. But we’re being called to turn these emotions into action. In the past week, I’ve taken an opportunity to listen to other leaders in our community, to seek greater understanding, and to stand in support with those who are suffering.

At Holmes Murphy, we will be advancing this topic within our own offices, and our commitment to our employees and communities is to turn these feelings into meaningful action that is true and authentic to who we are as an organization — something that will outlast the bounds of 2020, but be woven into the fabric of who Holmes Murphy is and will continue to be. Our commitment is to listen more than talk. To understand and respect. Now is the time for us to make tomorrow better than yesterday!

Dan Keough

Holmes Murphy Chairman & CEO

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