• Member Accident Protection Program (MAPP)

    What is the Member Accident Protection Program?

    The member accident protection program of the fraternity is a benefit of membership. The program is intended to complement the health insurance program of every undergraduate member of the fraternity for injuries as a result of an accident. For specific information regarding any claim, or to determine if your organization purchases this coverage, please contact Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice.

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    Important Notes:

    • The Member Accident Protection Program is NOT a substitute for health insurance. It provides NO protection for sickness or illness. Every member of the fraternity must be certain that they obtain health insurance coverage from their parents or other source.
    • Coverage applies to students enrolled at universities/college within the United States only. Coverage will not apply in Canadian provinces.
    • The policy requires reporting a covered accidental injury within 180 days of the original injury. A delay in reporting can cause your claim to be denied or have your benefit payments delayed.

    When you call to report a claim you will need to reference that you are reporting this claim as a member of the fraternity program and provide the name of the fraternity and the university/college at which you are a member.


    To whom are claims reported?

    Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice
    Claim Department
    13810 FNB Parkway, Suite 300
    Omaha, NE 68154

    Phone: (800) 736-4327 ext. 4188
    Fax: (800) 328-0522
    Email: fraternityclaims@holmesmurphy.com


    What you need to submit when reporting a claim?

    1. Complete an accidental injury claim form. The link below will allow you to download the necessary form.

    Accidental Injury Claim Form

    2. For an accidental death benefit claim, you will need to submit an accidental injury claim form (above) and an accidental death benefit claim form (below) as well as a Certificate of Death and a copy of the investigating police report, if applicable. Additionally, you will need to submit any medical expenses related to the accident with itemized billing and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) received from the primary health insurance carrier. The link below will allow you to download the necessary death benefit claim form.           

    Accidental Death Claim Form

    3. If medical treatment and resulting expenses occur, you will need to submit Itemized bills showing the name of the provider, diagnosis code for the injury sustained and procedure codes for the treatment rendered.

    4. For each itemized bill, a copy of the corresponding Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the primary health insurer showing what was paid and what is the covered person’s responsibility. If expenses are paid, submit a paid receipt and benefits will be reimbursed directly to the insured party or guardian.


    Who is an Insured Person under the Member Accident Protection Program?

    All eligible undergraduate members, associate members\pledges of the fraternity are insured for covered accidental injuries which are incurred while the policy is in force and occur while:

    • In good standing with the fraternity
    • Enrolled as a student at an institution of higher learning where there is an undergraduate chapter of the fraternity


    More information, including a premium indication for coverage, can be obtained by contacting

    Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice
    Marketing Department
    13810 FNB Parkway Suite 300
    Omaha, NE  68154

    Phone: (800) 736.4327, extension 4191
    Fax: (800) 328.0522
    Email: fraternalinsuranceapp@holmesmurphy.com