May 15 2024 webinar

Heat Illness Prevention in Construction

Hot environments, especially during the summer months, expose thousands of construction workers in the United States to an increased risk of heat related illness. As the temperature begins to rise, so does the risk of heat stress, heat exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke.

Every year thousands of workers become sick from heat exposure, with some cases resulting in serious illness and even death. Most heat related incidences occur in the first few weeks of working in elevated temperatures as the body has not yet acclimated to the hot environment. Medical treatment for heat related illness, downtime, idle equipment, and other costs from exposure to hot environments is preventable.

In April of 2022, OSHA issued a new National Emphasis Program, (NEP) on indoor and outdoor heat-related hazards that expands on the existing program elements. Contractors can expect an increased presence by compliance officers to verify the effectiveness of their heat illness prevention programs. Are you adequately preparing and protecting your workers as hot weather approaches?

Join Holmes Murphy Construction for this one-hour webinar as we:

  • Discuss environmental and personal risk factors that contribute to heat related illnesses in the construction industry
  • Describe the signs and symptoms of heat related illness and first aid/emergency procedures
  • Identify engineering and administrative controls to reduce or eliminate the risk of heat related illness
  • Review Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s National Emphasis Program on heat illness prevention
  • Define the necessary elements for an effective illness prevention program
  • Review resources provided by the OSHA and other agencies

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