The 2022 Game Changers with their professional photos in each corner. There are three women and one man and they are all wearing professional dress clothes.
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Meet Holmes Murphy’s Newest Game Changers

Dan Keough
Dan Keough
Chairman & CEO

I’m excited that I not only get to kick off 2023 with our first Holmes Murphy blog of the year, but that I get to do it by honoring some extremely talented individuals!

You’ve maybe heard or seen us talk about our “Holmes Murphy “Experience.” In simple terms, the experience we are passionate about providing encompasses:

  • Our Purpose — This is our Why or our North Star. It doesn’t change. It’s “Caring for Your Unique Potential is our Soul Purpose,” and it’s why we exist.
  • Our Mission — This is our What. What do we do? “We make a difference by promoting health, protecting wealth, and delivering peace of mind.”
  • Our Care Code — This is our How. How do we deliver on our purpose and our mission? Through our SOUL:

Holmes Murphy Care Code. SOUL Seek Understanding (lean in, listen, learn.) Operate Courageously (do the right thing) Uplift Others (invest in others' success) Lead Differently (be all in.)


These actions speak to the organization we strive to be for our employees and clients each and every day. Our employees truly care, and their commitment and dedication to the unique challenges our clients and industry face makes me incredibly proud to work alongside them. We feel so strongly about the work our employees do that we developed the “Game Changer” award in 2015.

Our Game Changer award is a client experience award that annually honors employees who live our Holmes Murphy Experience, and specifically our Care Code each day. There’s a nomination process by Holmes Murphy leaders, and an award winner is chosen from our client experience areas of the business. With more than 1,000 employees, winning the award (or even being nominated for it) is incredibly prestigious.

We recently named and honored our 2022 Game Changers. They are four incredibly deserving individuals — Jehremy Cooper, Becky Hammond, Amanda Joubert, and Erin Landwehr.

If you’ve had the pleasure of working with or meeting any or all of these individuals, you know they epitomize what it means to be Game Changers. They are your greatest advocates and work tirelessly to ensure you have what you need, when you need it. Allow me to give you a little insight into each.

Jehremy Cooper

Jehremy is a Sr. Procurement Specialist for Avant Specialty Benefits, a Holmes Murphy affiliate, and works closely with our team in Kansas City. Jehremy was actually Avant’s 4th employee, and we would not have been able to build our Avant MarketSource practice without his experience, credibility, and technical expertise. Jehremy is the type of teammate who is fiercely committed to delivering a consistent, timely, and professional client experience regardless of the challenges, capacity constraints, or unforeseen hazards that may happen within the organization. In the middle of a recent renewal season, we had two senior team members out of the office, and without a single complaint or sacrifice to the quality of work, Jehremy managed not only his own workload but the workload of both missing team members without hesitation. He shared that he didn’t want to allow a problem out of the client’s control negatively impact their impression of our partnership. That’s just one example of many that makes Jehremy a Game Changer, and I can’t say enough about his dedication to those all around him.

Becky Hammond

Becky is a Vice President, Client Service on the Employee Benefits side of our Brokerage Services team and is based in Waukee. Becky provides unbelievable service to her clients, but she also pays it forward to mentor and help her teammates provide great service. Becky is one of the kindest people. She always greets and engages with her teammates, clients, and others with compassion and a desire to learn. Anytime there is a question or situation, she will seek to understand others, look at it all from a bigger lens, and identify options of how to proceed to create a desirable outcome. She is who all of our teammates go to for advice, who all the Sales team members want assigned to their accounts, and who all clients love and trust. She is extremely intelligent, professional, downright impressive, and always up for a challenge. Our clients see this and want her working with them. Becky is the epitome of what we want to see in a Game Changer at Holmes Murphy. She does not just talk the talk; she walks the walk.

Amanda Joubert

Amanda is a Communications & PR Consultant based in our Waukee office. Amanda is both a tremendous team member and leader on our Marketing team. Amanda’s strengths as a communicator and connector help to create the Holmes Murphy Experience for our employees, clients, and communities. Amanda has been tapped for pivotal roles on some of our most impactful initiatives including DE&I, Holmes Murphy Foundation, Business Continuity, and BrokerTech Ventures. Amanda is the key driver of Holmes Murphy’s unique brand voice where she sprinkles in the right touch of humor and authenticity that pulls her readers in and creates high levels of engagement. Amanda is an incredibly collaborative teammate and can always be counted on to execute plans to a tee, never settling for anything less than an exceptional experience through her communications. In addition, Amanda leads out our public relations efforts and has successfully elevated Holmes Murphy’s earned media exposure for our brand and thought leadership. Amanda truly makes those around her better through her drive for excellence and her willingness to share abundantly her knowledge and experience.

Erin Landwehr

Erin is a Client Manager for our Holmes Murphy Construction team and is based in Minneapolis. Erin’s knowledge of the Construction market and relationships with our carrier partners empowers her to successfully negotiate and provide our Sales team members with impressive insurance programs for their prospective clients. Erin is a team player who truly gets the “big picture.” She knows her role as a Client Manager is to set an example for others. She lives this day in and day out with her coworkers. Erin’s drive to make everyone around her better is what makes her the go-to person with complex situations that arise with our clients and markets. She takes the time to assess the matter and explain the best way to handle the situation. Her approach is non-assuming and respective. She looks at the big picture and knows that her contributions and what she does matters to all, no matter the complexity or level of understanding needed to be an effective team player. We are so fortunate to have Erin on our team and a part of our family!


I love the Holmes Murphy culture, our employees’ engagement with our clients, and how they consistently live out their purpose and offer up their unique talents to make Holmes Murphy better. I hope you see this same level of service each day you work with us!

P.S. If you see or work with Jehremy, Becky, Amanda, or Erin, I encourage you to congratulate them. We are proud of their efforts, and we hope you are, too!

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