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Is a Healthcare Fix Within Reach?

Den Bishop
Den Bishop
Senior Advisor

Healthcare impacts every one of us, our businesses, and the nation, and you better believe it’s going to be a HOT topic in the 2020 presidential election (in fact, it already is!).

So, why has healthcare become so political? Can’t we just get the government out of healthcare? Can’t the government just give us all free healthcare? Everyone has an opinion on the government’s role in healthcare, and I’m about to tackle them all in my upcoming book “The Voter’s Guide to Healthcare: A non-partisan, candid, and relevant look at politics and healthcare in America.

My goal is to positively influence the debate around healthcare by removing “fake news” and “truth twisting” to get at the real heart of what’s wrong with the American healthcare system — cost and complexity. See for yourself:

[hmvideo id=”8577″]

I do believe a healthcare cost and complexity solution is within reach, but we all first need to understand the issues. Check back here each Wednesday for my latest thoughts.

I’ll be covering:

  • The U.S. healthcare ecosystem
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Price discrimination
  • Payment reform
  • The pharmaceutical “border wall”
  • Medicare for all
  • And so much more!

If a topic is in the news, you can bet I’ll cover it!

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