Voter’s Guide to Healthcare

the book that takes a non-partisan, candid, and relevant look at politics and healthcare in America.

There was a landslide in the 2018 mid-term elections. No, we’re not talking about a blue wave or the Red Sea. Healthcare was named as the most important issue to voters in exit polls and received almost twice as many votes as immigration and the economy. In spite of President Donald Trump’s attempts to make the election about jobs, the economy, or immigration, healthcare was the story of the 2018 election, and this was simply a drizzle compared to the healthcare flood that’s coming with the 2020 election.

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Why has healthcare become so political? Can’t we just get the government out of healthcare? Can’t the government just give us all free healthcare? Opinions on the government’s role in healthcare are kind of like navels…everybody has one! And our Holmes Murphy President Den Bishop is about to tackle them all in his newest book “The Voter’s Guide to Healthcare: A non-partisan, candid, and relevant look at politics and healthcare in America.”

The intent of the book isn’t to pretend to solve America’s healthcare cost, coverage, and complexity issues. It’s also not intended to sway readers to either the left or the right politically. The healthcare issue is neither blue nor red. It’s purple! It’s an all-in combination of blue and red because it impacts each and every one of us without regard to race, religion, income, gender, or politics. Den views healthcare as one of our most challenging social justice issues and as, far and away, the greatest economic challenge facing our country. His goal with this upcoming book is to simplify and educate so you won’t be swayed, moved, or manipulated by fake news or truth-twisting campaign promises.

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