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#HealthMatters — A Personal Note

Dan Keough
Dan Keough
Chairman & CEO

January is a big month for me personally…and for a reason I certainly wasn’t expecting. In January 2013, I heard the dreaded word “cancer” from my doctor. Just this month, January 2018, I became a 5-year survivor.

I want to share a bit of my story with you, not to garner attention personally, but as an example of how crucial it is to listen to your body and never ignore your concerns…your Health Matters!

In October 2012, I went to the Mayo Clinic for an Executive Health Assessment. All results for my screening and tests came back clear. Just two short months later, in December, I wasn’t feeling myself. I could’ve easily ignored what was going on, because, after all, I had just been tested and results indicated I was fine. But I knew it was time to listen to my own instincts and visit my regular family doctor. A few weeks later, doctors discovered I had colorectal cancer. If there was any good news out of that diagnosis it was that the cancer was limited to my colon. I underwent surgery shortly thereafter, followed by treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.

Since that time, I’ve been adamant about ensuring regular health screenings are taking place and I’m constantly working to live a healthier life. I encourage those around me to do the same.

At Holmes Murphy, one of our aspirations is Health Matters. We’re in the business of preserving birthdays. I’m thankful I listened to my body and had doctors who took my concerns seriously. I’m also grateful for all the support I received from my family, friends, and everyone here at Holmes Murphy.

I know there are others within our Holmes Murphy family who are personally challenged or have family members struggling with serious health issues. Please know we are supporting you and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

In the end, what I hope you get out of reading this blog is this…look for ways to live healthier, listen to your instincts, and get those regular health screenings. Your health really does matter.

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