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Susan Hatten
Susan Hatten
Chief Marketing Officer

The year 2022 marks a special one for Holmes Murphy, as we celebrate 90 years of business in the insurance industry and 90 years of giving back to our communities.

As our business focus is and remains within the insurance industry and caring for our clients, such is our interest in giving back. At its core, insurance is a promise — a promise to protect, and when necessary, to pay when a loss or challenging circumstance occurs.

This parallel spirit of protecting, supporting, and giving is embedded into the very fabric of Holmes Murphy. As we look back, this may well have been the driving force behind our founders, Max Holmes and Ray Murphy, in their creation of Holmes Murphy in 1932 and their giving philosophy.

Knowing that and our passion to keep this giving philosophy alive and well, what do you get when you combine our 90th anniversary, the Holmes Murphy Foundation, our belief that “Caring for Your Unique Potential is Our Soul Purpose,” and our employees? A Give90.Fully. campaign where we’re empowering our employees to give 90 minutes of their time over this next 90-day period to Invest.Fully. in their personal, professional, and philanthropic mindsets.

This Give90.Fully. campaign  — in conjunction with our brand and emphasis on being “Fully” invested in bettering our clients, communities, and employee experience — allows our employees to be even more intentional about supporting the charitable organization(s) most important to them. We’ve always encouraged our employees to take time away from work to focus on giving, and this campaign elevates that philosophy even more!

So, if you see a Holmes Murphy team member out and about activating #Give90Fully, please cheer them on. We’re working hard to propel our people, clients, and the industry forward now and for another 90 years and beyond!

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