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Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Annual Health Tune-Up

Stephanie Leuck
Stephanie Leuck
Vice President and Market Leader, EB

It’s that time of year again. Summer vacations have been taken. State and county fairs are coming to an end. Sandcastles have been made. Popsicles have been enjoyed. Walks to the park and/or backyard barbeques have been a weekly event. Most of us are now soaking up the last days of summer and trying to fit in any and all opportunities to create memories before the weather gets colder and days get shorter.

For many of us, summer winding down also means the buzzing of back to school is upon us with our kids. Daily schedules and alarm clocks are back at the Leuck house after our kids have enjoyed the freedom of sleeping in and relaxation when not at their summer activities. I do not know about the other parents out there, but I welcome the return of schedules (even if it takes a few weeks for us all to balance the nerves and excitement and settle into new routines).

Self-Care Is a Necessity

Whether this time of year is when you are settling into a new schedule or not, it is the time to ask yourself, “Have I taken care of me this year?” The demands of our daily lives can dictate what “taking care of you” can mean, but if we have learned anything from the past few years, we all need to take care of ourselves,

If you are anything like me, I always prioritize my kids’ health by scheduling routine doctor and dentist appointments and offering constant reminders to eat their fruits and vegetables, read often, get some rest, and stay active. But are we taking this same approach with ourselves? Are we encouraging our coworkers and friends to do the same? Do we think taking care of ourselves means we are being selfish or self-indulgent? Or, are we too busy and simply don’t make it a priority in our schedules?

Self-care is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, but it is extremely important especially in this fast-paced and demanding world. Whether you consider taking care of yourself to mean doing something for your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or financial heath, it’s all personal and vital to operating at our best.

The Importance of Employee Benefits Programs

At Holmes Murphy, we consult with employers on their benefit programs and have a front-row seat as to what the decisionmakers are striving to do with their offerings. All want to be certain they are offering plans and creating an environment to allow their employees quality care for themselves and their families.

Annual physicals and age-appropriate screenings seem to be the most common to promote, and why not? Early detection can save lives. Routine dental visits can do more than just solve problems; they can help prevent them. Regular exercise and being outside can boost our moods and reduce stress. Some employers we work with feel so strongly about employees taking time for preventive care that they have adopted leave policies to encourage them to do so.

On top of this, many employers are looking at ways to provide support for employees emotional and mental wellbeing with programs and resources that can offer assistance and promote positive mindset. Community volunteer options and small changes to the work environment are also becoming more popular in an effort to help employees to show up as their best selves. Daily smiles and laughter continue to be promoted.

Make Time for a Health Tune-Up

So, are you taking time to care for yourself? If your response is yes, keep it up! If not, what are you waiting for? Set aside a few minutes in your crazy schedule before fall is upon us to make the appointment, read the book, educate yourself on the benefit, or volunteer at the local nonprofit. Our health is our most precious asset, and we should do everything we can to protect and enhance it.

Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can accomplish today. Even though summer is coming to a close, schedules are back in full force, and fall is near, it isn’t all so bad. Think Friday night lights, sweater weather, firepits…oh…and making that wellbeing/annual appointment to ensure you’re at your best!

If you’re an employer that is looking at offering various benefits to promote healthy living and disease prevention, we’d be happy to talk with you about options. All you have to do is reach out.


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