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Property Casualty

Addressing Employee Mental Wellbeing When a Critical Incident Happens

Rod Miner
Rod Miner
Vice President of Commercial Claims, Property Casualty

We pride ourselves on being there for our clients when they need us most. Any good employer does the same for their employees. We’re seeing, more often than not, that care and attention involves an individual’s mental wellbeing.

The Importance of Highlighting Mental Wellbeing

Employers, the risk management industry, and the media continue to give more attention to the importance of employee mental wellbeing. It has been established employee wellbeing has many benefits beyond the most important one — taking care of and caring for the employee. This includes more engaged, productive, and safer employees.

This kind of wellbeing is needed at any time, but in property casualty insurance, two of the largest problems clients face include:

  • A catastrophic event that not only effects their business, but also impacts the emotional wellbeing of their employees
  • An intervention for a worker who is experiencing an emotional or mental health challenge

The Impact of Critical Events on Employees

Critical or catastrophic events impacting your employees can be personal or work-related. Think about it — the loss of a loved one, witnessing a horrific auto accident, an idiopathic personal health event, or having one of their co-workers killed or seriously injured while with them in the same building or performing the same job. These examples all take a tremendous toll on an employee.

Helping Employees Through a Crisis

In addition to the assistance Holmes Murphy directly provides our clients after a catastrophic insured event, we now have the capability to provide our clients with a single point-of-contact during a critical event for the purpose of responding to the emotional needs of a worker who has been impacted. This outside vendor partner has extensive experience in Critical Incident Response (CIR) and employee/worker assistance services. This enables them to provide time-sensitive support to Holmes Murphy clients during their time of need.

CIR is a subset of an operational Crisis Management Plan. Whereas crisis management helps companies prepare for and respond to crises, a CIR helps companies and their employees recover from crises.

The use of our CIR partner’s services is optional and is offered to assist clients during a critical incident event. While not free, our clients would receive preferred pricing if you decide to work with our partner. At times, coverage may exist to help pay for these services if it involves a covered property casualty loss. It can also replace or supplement your current Employee Assistance Program (EAP). CIR is another way we Care.Fully. for you with resources so you can Care.Fully. for your employees.

Any of our Holmes Murphy Claims and Loss Control professionals can share with you more about this new partner, if you’re interested. Just reach out to us. We believe it is a needed and unique capability we can bring to your attention, ideally proactively, but also at your time of need.

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