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A New Hope & the COVID-19 Vaccine

Leia Spoor
Leia Spoor
Clinical Director, Employee Benefits

Optimistic versus pessimistic.

Glass half full versus glass half empty.

Coronavirus vaccine versus no vaccine.

I have been told all my life that I come across as a very optimistic person. I don’t know if this is a genetic trait or a learned behavior (I like to think a little bit of both), but I lean toward a learned trait. My family has always been known to find the good in every situation — no matter how bad it may be.

That’s how I feel about the COVID-19 vaccine. There is a new hope, a glimpse of the glass being half full. Each day, we are hearing that we’re closer to a new phase of the trial coming to completion and a rapid advancement toward deployment by the end of the year.

I can also sense a false hope. Those who rely on the vaccine to be the be-all-end-all solution to this pandemic. I get a little twitch in my eye when someone says, “Once we have the vaccine, everything will be back to normal.” Oh, how if only that were reality. You see, the vaccine is a huge piece of the puzzle. But it’s just that — a piece.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Part of a Large Puzzle

What is reality is that it’s going to take multiple pieces of the puzzle to continue combating this evil virus.

I believe it will be a combination of multiple components — a vaccine, evidence-based treatment, rapid testing with accurate results, public health safety protocols used by everyone and often, preventing and reversing chronic health conditions — and yes, all of that wrapped up with hope.

We know this COVID-19 virus is still taking a toll on all of us — in all aspects of our lives — mental, emotional, social, and physical. There are still people being infected, struggling with symptoms, and losing their lives. So many of us (my family included) have experienced personal tragedy from this evil pandemic.

There are still so many questions. Both individuals and organizations need help to understand where we go now, since we are more than 6 months into this storm.

It’s like a hurricane. We know it’s out there, heading toward us. It makes landfall, and some houses are wiped out altogether, while some go unscathed. There is mass cleanup that takes months and months or even years to rebuild. But, with the right plan of action and the right people around you to help with preparedness or, in the worst-case scenario, cleanup, it can be rebuilt.

I am certain of this, there is still hope, and we must never stop believing in that. I believe those who have lost their battle with this virus would be telling us to not give up, to find a solution, and to honor them by helping others to avoid this.

If you or your company needs help in understanding more about what it will take to continue to be prepared for, survive through, or to rebuild from this storm, reach out to us. Our Holmes Murphy team will help. We’ve helped others and will help you too. And we’re continuing to hold onto hope, as it motivates us like no other.

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