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3 Ways Your Internal Employee Benefits Communications Should Mimic Great Marketing

Mark Fitzgibbons
Mark Fitzgibbons
Communication Director, Employee Benefits

Do you know Nike’s slogan? You’re probably nodding! Their Just Do It campaign has endured 35 years — inspiring generations and continuing to highlight the brand’s philosophy of strength, grit, and perseverance. Nike has figured out the key to motivating buyers through messages that are relevant and address consumer needs.

So, why do I bring this up? What connection does this type of campaign have with organizations trying to communicate their employee benefits to their people, and can we model our communications after Nike get people to seek preventive care, make their mental health a priority, and engage in wellness programs? Absolutely!

Here are three things that good marketers do that your employee benefits communication can mimic:

1. Conduct Employee Research

It’s much easier to communicate with your people if you understand what motivates them, what’s important to them (how they think and feel), and how and when they like to receive communications.

Consider surveying employees — using surveys and focus groups. Simple, quick online pulse surveys are easy ways to get frequent, real-time data about how employees think. Even informal check-ins with front-line managers can prove invaluable. Technology has evolved, and you can now anonymously survey thousands of employees concurrently if needed.

2. Inspire Your People

Employee benefits and compensation communications don’t need to be facts-first, boring, and convoluted. To get noticed, you need to stand out from the clutter in a digital world that is dominated by TikTok videos, text alerts, filtered ads, and short attention spans. Successful organizations create a strong, compelling brand that speaks to — and appeals to — employees and dependents as people first.

3. Address Your Employees’ Needs

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign successfully switched from a product focus to a consumer focus using the motivations and needs of their target market. Employee benefits communicators can do the same!

Undoubtedly, your employees want to prevent disease, lose weight, exercise more, manage stress and anxiety, and save for retirement.

You have valuable employee benefit resources that can help address their needs and wants, but they aren’t using them to their fullest capacity. When promoting your employee benefit programs, try appealing to what motivates your people:

  • Instead of, “We have XYZ weight-loss program available,” say, “Struggling to lose weight? We can help.”
  • Instead of saying, “We offer a three-tier medical offering and a high-deductible option,” you could say, “You choose the medical plan that’s best for you. You even have an option that allows you to save for future medical expenses.”

The differences can be subtle but powerful. When you address the needs and motivations of your people, you will be more relevant and have more success engaging and driving desired behaviors.

As you craft your employee benefits communications, keep these marketing best practices in mind! And, as always, if you want to learn more, we’d love to talk!

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