Believe it or not, Holmes Murphy is celebrating 85 years of serving our clients this year. I know, I know…we aren’t your typical 85-year-old…we try our best not to act our age. However, one thing remains constant throughout all our years and future aspirations…we remain true to our privately-held roots, doing what we know best, and helping our clients celebrate their successes along the way. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your birthdays, anniversaries, and all the other celebrations in between!

In celebration of 85 years, we’ve had a few things up our sleeves in appreciation of our employees and everything they do for our clients. First, we surprised them by announcing everyone was going to get a half day off on 8/5 (August 5) to celebrate 85 years. This was met with great applause and enthusiasm until they realized this date was a Saturday. So we decided why not give our employees what they enjoy most — time….time to celebrate how they saw fit with an afternoon off on 8/4 leading into the weekend.

We also kicked off our “Random Acts of Aspirations” campaign, where we encourage our employees to conduct random acts of any or all of Holmes Murphy’s seven aspirations throughout the remainder of the year. Our aspirations are hope-filled goals and what we believe keeps us as an organization constantly thinking ahead to the next birthday or anniversary. They’re Celebrate, Count on Me, Courageous Influence, Health Matters, Leave Good Footprints, Share Abundantly, and Unity Over Uniformity. I highly encourage you to ask any of our employees about the aspirations, and I’m certain they will have stories to share and likely have a favorite!

Lastly, Holmes Murphy is taking part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that kicks off this week in the great city where our corporate “Holmes” resides. The Solheim Cup is happening in Des Moines, Iowa. We’re proud to be a sponsor of this event in celebration of our anniversary and theirs — they just might be a little younger. Similar to the Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup is a biennial women’s match play competition between 12 of the best U.S. LPGA professionals and their 12 counterparts from Europe. What we love is this will not be your typical golf tournament venue. You most likely will not see a lot of “Quiet Please” signs, but instead cheering, chanting, and a great amount of team pride fully embraced by the thousands of crazy, fun-loving fans decked out in their supporting colors. By the way…much like Holmes Murphy, they may not always be acting their age and we also love seeing all our crazy, fun-loving fans and employees cheering and chanting “There’s No Place Like Holmes!”

Once again, thank you for 85 years! We wouldn’t be here without you, your dedication, and your support of Holmes Murphy. Cheers to the next 85 years!