Public Entities

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put it on the record. we reduce risk and save money.

Public Entity employers face unique challenges. At Holmes Murphy, we have created a dedicated Public Entity team that understands those needs. Your day-to-day contacts have backgrounds in HR, TPA’s, ancillary vendors, and have worked at national medical insurance carriers. 

We have extensive experience in dealing with complex purchasing requirements, have delivered hundreds of presentations in front of Councils, Courts and Boards and are well-versed in working within a political landscape. In addition, we have a large internal team of subject-matter experts to support your compliance, benefits consulting, actuarial, clinical programs, reporting, employee engagement and communication and marketing needs. When you’re in the public eye, problems need to be fixed quickly and efficiently and we’re ready to help you with your unique challenges anytime the siren sounds.

The Holmes Murphy Public Entity team are the experts for what you need experts on. Discover the Holmes Murphy difference by contacting us for a consultation today.

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