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Holmes Murphy has always been relentlessly committed to continuous innovation since our founding in 1932. Over the years, we’ve created many industry-innovating companies, the most recent of which is BrokerTech Ventures (BTV).

BTV is a company that was co-founded in mid-2019, majority-funded, and led-out by Holmes Murphy. While we have investors and leaders spanning the country and globally, the genesis and foundational progress of BTV, has been sparked from the thought leaders within Holmes Murphy.

What Is BrokerTech Ventures?

In the simplest of terms, BTV is the first broker-led convening platform and accelerator program focused on delivering innovation to the insurance broker and holistic industry all in an effort to help clients identify risks sooner and drive down costs faster. BTV has been first to market, dedicated to the insurance broker channel of the insurance value chain, with continued growth both domestically and internationally.

BTV provides a venue for the best minds in insurance and technology to collaborate and bring to market leading-edge ideas and solutions. BTV invests in the research and testing for chosen early-stage startups through pilots and proofs-of-concept, provides access to veteran industry mentors and helps scale the technology with access to capital, and to clients through our broker and insurance company distribution channels.

While it’s likely best known for the Accelerator, BTV is so much more. There are five towers of business operation in all:

  • Accelerator
  • Early-Stage Investments
  • Innovation
  • Capital
  • Media/Communications

BTV Accelerator

Our BTV Accelerator brings broker-centric early-stage insurtech startups together to provide seed-funding, a hyper-accelerated curriculum, and direct access to our agency and non-agency mentor circuit. In addition, we bring opportunity for distribution, stakeholder engagement, and access to additional capital. Our accelerator fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the broker-centric insurtech space with continued support beyond accelerator graduation. We offer opportunities for our startups to engage with InsurTech Connect, as well as ongoing brand support amplified through our Media & Communications Tower.

In early 2021, BTV co-founded the first broker-centric accelerator in Tel Aviv, Israel — the Israeli Insurtech Accelerator — along with InsurTech Israel and Ayalon Insurance Co.

Early-Stage Investments

BTV brings shared learnings in early-stage investments through our broker and insurance company partner channels to allow opportunity to scale insurtech innovation further, faster. Through use of the vast broker and insurance company distribution channel created by BTV, we hold a unique opportunity to provide follow-along investments in early-stage technology companies, offer channel scale, and bring insurtech solutions to the industry.


BTV is bending the innovation curve through strategic partnerships with some of the greatest insurtech forces in the industry. Through the activation and engagement of our labs by BTV community and close alignment with insurance companies and wholesale innovation teams, we drive insurtech innovation forward with intent.


BTV is aligned with strategic capital partners who share in a parallel vision in our intentions to embrace and scale insurtech solutions. Our Capital tower will be deployed either in conjunction with our Early-Stage Investment tower or as an individual source of investment for the insurtech startups we bring together through BTV.

Media & Communications

BTV is the voice of the broker + insurtech ecosystem, creating strategic partnerships with some of the greatest media channels in the industry. Our Media & Communications tower brings the learnings from our Accelerator, Early-Stage Investment, Innovation, and Capital towers to the broader insurance audience.

Through earned media, social, strategic event engagement, and our livestream series, our BTV mediums allows for sharing of timely, relevant insurtech news to our stakeholders and the broader insurance community.

Dan Keough smiling in a light suit jacket with the quote: listening to our clients creates opportunities and innovations all the time. Click to learn how Holmes Murphy is "Setting the Right Tone" in insurance.

Agency + Insurance Company Partnerships

BTV began with five insurance broker agencies as the original owners — Holmes Murphy being a co-founder and majority shareholder. We slowly expanded our brokerage partnerships, and BTV now proudly represents 15 independent brokerages spanning from Silicon Valley to New Jersey.

Once we assembled a blue-ribbon roster of agencies, we then expanded our relationships in an official capacity with insurance companies. We now represent 14 multi-regional and international insurance companies, including Travelers, Zurich North America, the best agent and broker-focused carriers, top three wholesalers, and one of the most innovative insurance benefits carriers in the industry.

Effectively, BTV has constructed a premiere team including 29 of the most notable company brands in the insurance industry, and we are just getting started!

Looking Globally

As mentioned above, in early 2021, we announced our first international expansion in partnership with InsurTech Israel and Ayalon Insurance Co., creating the Israeli InsurTech Accelerator — the first broker-led Accelerator model in Israel.

We have intentions on building out similar models with broker communities in Europe and Latin America, where these platforms would perform as a feeder system into our BTV Accelerator and investment model in the United States.

We Are Driving Innovation

Holmes Murphy remains committed to driving innovation. Our goal will always be to deliver the technology our clients need to identify risks sooner, drive down costs faster, and succeed in their business.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today!

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