Financial Services

The Best Investment Financial Service Companies Can Make

As a Financial Services firm, you have unique obligations related to customer funds and high concentration of sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII). Whether your firm is focused on traditional banking, insurance, asset management, or real estate, gaps in insurance coverage put your customers and your company at risk.

Holmes Murphy helps financial services organizations optimize their risk management strategy every day. We focus on exposures including:

  • Corporate governance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cyber liability and information security
  • Directors & Officers liability
  • Employment practices risk management
  • Financial services professional (Banking, Private Equity, Asset Management, and more)

When not addressed properly, uncovered exposures open your organization and leadership to significant liabilities. At Holmes Murphy, our dedicated team works with financial services firms of all shapes and sizes to tailor your insurance program to provide essential protection to the exposures that matter most.

While some brokers simply renew the same program year after year, we understand as your business grows and changes, so should your insurance. The marketplace is constantly evolving, and your program should advance, too.

Our financial services specialty practice is dedicated to:

  • Traditional Financial Services: banks, credit unions and insurance companies
  • Non-Traditional: private equity, non-bank lenders, wealth management and advisory
  • Financial Related: Real Estate, REITs, payment services and other financial support service providers

Every member of our Holmes Murphy team has underwriting background and tenured relationships.  We advocate for you in the marketplace to achieve the best terms. The depth of our team allows us to place comprehensive and customized coverage that fits the needs of your company. We’re laser focused on getting the strongest overall program for your institution.

Holmes Murphy is proud to be involved with the American Bankers Association and connected to the community as an advisor to a full range of financial services firms.

A banker talking with clients

Using our proprietary and unique Understanding ART approach, we ask questions that dig deep into your business and culture to learn what makes you tick and what your concerns are to create a custom risk management plan that works for you.

Understanding ART extends beyond coverage gaps and price to avoid, reduce, and transfer our clients’ losses by focusing on your business, your risk management, and your potential. The result is a comprehensive risk management program aimed at helping your business run better instead of simply buying property casualty insurance.

How Does Understanding ART Help Financial Services Firms Manage Risk?

Our Understanding ART approach offers tools and assessments to help us learn more about your organization. We work to understand where you’ve already invested, where you may be struggling, and what holes may exist in your overall strategy.

Best Practices

By promoting regular training and developing strong policies and procedures, our team at Holmes Murphy helps you to avoid risk. Our team can assist with best practices, sample policies, contract review and more.

Claims Management

With the support of our experienced Claims Management team, Holmes Murphy reduces your risk. We analyze your risk management procedures to ensure your claims stay minimal.

Insurance Services

We use a variety of services to transfer your risk. We take a customized approach to navigate market conditions to ensure high-quality insurance programs and effective insurance placement and personalized service.

You Can Bank on Us

After completing the ART assessments, we develop and deliver a customized Impact Plan that identifies your opportunities for greatest impact and a meaningful ROI. The Impact Plan identifies the framework for building a case for positive change in support of your program’s overall strategy.

To learn more about how your investment in Holmes Murphy can add to your bottom line, contact us for a personal consultation.

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