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dealing with insurance shouldn’t make you short circuit

Energy is the epicenter to making our world go ’round and is critical to the success of our economy. It is your business that helps provide the world the power to function efficiently, and it is our job to ensure that you have the resources to make that happen. At Holmes Murphy, we understand the nature of your business results in complex, high-risk operations needing specialized solutions to your risk management program. That’s why we’re proud to offer some of the nation’s leading insurance solutions for renewables, oil and gas, and utility operations.

In your industry, we know you face many unique risks that have the potential to monumentally impact the runtime of your operations.  Whether it is an injured employee, damaged property or equipment, pollution, or credit risk, Holmes Murphy’s provides a comprehensive approach to identify exposures specific to you.  With our industry experts, and our quick yet thorough claims process, you’ll protect your investments while safeguarding yourself against these losses. From availability insurance to product insurance to employee benefits, our energy programs are licensed to generate peace of mind in every state.

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