Captive Insurance

Add to your bottom line, not someone else’s Go captive. Free up the profits. There are benefits to having your own pool
  • Control
  • Ownership
  • Stability

Add to Your Bottom Line, Not Someone Else’s

Why contribute to someone else’s bottom line when you could be adding to your own? If your business has an entrepreneurial drive to control risk, our captive insurance program, Innovative Captive Strategies (ICS), could be for you. Captive insurance is a proven approach for those that like to do business boldly. The best part? All of the advantages of becoming an owner of your own insurance go straight to your bottom line.

ICS offers all types of captive insurance ranging from single-parent to rentals and member-owner group captives for both your workers’ comp, casualty lines and employee benefits. In captive insurance, a group of individuals or businesses unite together to form their own insurance company. These captives allow companies to gain ownership and control of all aspects including all costs and profits associated with their insurance programs.

If you’re ready to seize your potential, our Innovative Captive Strategists are ready to talk to you. Click here for a consultation with one of our industry leading experts.

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